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Diamond Hill Cafe--The Asian Chipotle in Chinatown

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Some of you may remember the Chinatown branch of Carnation Cafe, and particularly their sandwiches using Chinese pineapple buns as bread. When they closed down last year a hand scrawled sign popped up in front proclaiming the upcoming arrival of Diamond Hill Cafe, which I presumed would be another Chinatown dim sum bakery cafe. Imagine my surprise when I finally made it to Diamond Hill and found nothing of the sort. Rather it's a place offering build your own burritos and tacos with Chipotle like condiments but Asian fillings. Biting into my tofu burrito, I thought to myself "tastes like Chipotle." Other choices include Teriyaki chicken, Korean beef, and duck. Diamond Hill Cafe is at 147 Canal St.

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  1. oh really? i just thought that place was a bakery too...weird

    1. This sound's a lot like the original concept for Chang's Ssam Bar which didn't work out so well and got transformed into what it is now.

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        yah i remember that, it was horrible...def changed it for the better