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Feb 19, 2013 10:23 PM

Diamond Hill Cafe--The Asian Chipotle in Chinatown

Some of you may remember the Chinatown branch of Carnation Cafe, and particularly their sandwiches using Chinese pineapple buns as bread. When they closed down last year a hand scrawled sign popped up in front proclaiming the upcoming arrival of Diamond Hill Cafe, which I presumed would be another Chinatown dim sum bakery cafe. Imagine my surprise when I finally made it to Diamond Hill and found nothing of the sort. Rather it's a place offering build your own burritos and tacos with Chipotle like condiments but Asian fillings. Biting into my tofu burrito, I thought to myself "tastes like Chipotle." Other choices include Teriyaki chicken, Korean beef, and duck. Diamond Hill Cafe is at 147 Canal St.

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  1. oh really? i just thought that place was a bakery too...weird

    1. This sound's a lot like the original concept for Chang's Ssam Bar which didn't work out so well and got transformed into what it is now.

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        yah i remember that, it was horrible...def changed it for the better