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Feb 19, 2013 08:44 PM

Mishloach Manot Idea for Older Couple on a Diet?

Any ideas for what I can give to my neighbors?
They are:
1) following a weight loss program.
2) not super adventurous with food.
3) very special people.
Nothing too complicated, please. I have the flu & don't have much energy for Purim.

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  1. What weight loss program? What foods are permitted/prohibited? Could you do wine, cheese, and crackers?

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    1. re: avitrek

      I don't know the details of their program. Wine would be okay, I think, & could always be regifted if it's not. I was thinking about whole grain crackers & ... something???. Cheese is problematic b/c of fat content.

      1. re: almond tree

        It really depends on their diet. If they're on an Atkins style diet then cheese is fine and it's the crackers that are the problem.

    2. A nice salad, with dressing on the side.

      1. I agree we need more information. For instance I use dried fruit and nuts on my diet. But other's don't.

        However if they do eat those type of things an excellent source that i have always gotten delivery the next day is
        I order by 4pm M-F they ship that day and I get it the next business day, so you still have time to get it this week.

        Many of their products are certified o-K and also certified gluten free (check each individual item's page for certification). Besides nuts and dried fruits, they have freeze dried fruit/vegetables, some sugar free items, some organic, etc. I have been VERY impressed with the quality of their products.

        Since you are sick this would let you get something of high quality without having to leave home.

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        1. re: kosherGlutenFree

          I guess I need to make a phone call to find out more about their food plan. They are late risers, and it's only 7:20 AM here in Shushan :) so I will have to wait a while.
          Of course if I call them, they will say, "Don't worry, you don't have to give us anything."
          Thanks for input so far.

          1. re: almond tree

            Depending on what their dietary restrictions are, there's also the "health" bakery on Aggripas. They have a number of items made of spelt and other whole wheat goodies that are nice.

        2. An array of fancy tea, especially the non-caffeine types.

          1. We have done this many times in the past. Get one of those round plastic sectioned platters that people use for candy (with the round section in the middle). Place baby carrots, baby corn, colorful peppers in long strips, zuchini and yellow squash in strips and chumus in the center. When we did this in the past, people loved it. A nice departure from all the junk and it could also be served at the Seudah. Wrap in plastic wrap or colorful celophane.

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              1. re: cappucino

                I received this one year but with olive tapenade in the center. The card had a personal note on one side and the recipe for tapenade on the other.

                This year I'm going simple
                - fresh bagels, lox, cc
                - kids will get package of mini donuts, choc milk, crazy straw