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Best thin-crust pizza in Marin?

We've been out of the loop for awhile. Any recommendations? Central to Southern Marin preferred but not required. Thanks!

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    1. Pizza Antica in the Mill Valley Strawberry Shopping Center is worth a try.

      1. Picco is very good. For N.Y. style, West Brooklyn and Gaspare's in San Rafael are good.

        1. I prefer Tony Tutto (Mill Valley) to Picco. "Deli" atmosphere but great pizza.


          1. agreed with pizzeria picco. the aluminum oven used at pizza antica can't match pizzeria's brick oven.heat intensity.

            crust at antica isnt that crispy.......

            1. Also very worth a try, new place in San Anselmo's Red Hill Shopping Center, Pizzalina. Chef is trained Neapolitan pizzaiolo and wood-fired oven is from Italy. I put it a slight notch below Picco but with more than pizza on menu which I will try if I can control the pizza urge to do so.

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                Thanks for mentioning Pizzalina. I remember reading about it before it opened with VPN pizzaiola and all. What's your favorite pie there?

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                  Hi Melanie. So far still have not dug into menu past the pizza. I can't choose a fave, but so far: We have tried Margherita (as Ann always does in pizzerias); Yolanda (most pizzas here are named after central Marin places--this had standard toppings); Roys (kale on pizza? hey! pretty good--I got anchovy add-on); and got "undercooked" to finish baking at home, a Baltimore Park because we felt like some gooey crescenza. Crusts have nice chew; once thought crusts could have been a bit more blistered and crunchy. Still more to try.

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                    If you're tried four pizzas and can't pick a favorite yet, then I say that's a pretty good batting average.