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Feb 19, 2013 08:42 PM

Help with bloody mary bar/buffet?

I'm setting up a bloody mary bar at a party this weekend and have the following garnishes planned:

pickled green beans
pickled asparagus
cheese cubes
assorted stuffed olives

Am I missing anything?

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  1. Slim Jims, jerky, smokies
    Bacon..... How can you leave out bacon????

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    1. re: zippypinhead

      Yes, I forgot to put that on the list. Of course there will be bacon.

      1. re: soypower

        I discovered a restaurant in my area serving BMary's, one of their garnishes is a cucumber spear. I thought, "Wow, kinda like a garden. Can't believe I never thought of that."

    2. Some type of crunchy crackers maybe? Sriracha to up the heat if wanted, small carrots with tops intact and lime wedges. Also, I found this Green Bloody Mary recipe a while back and have been really curious about it.

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      1. re: TXMandy

        Crunchy crackers? I've never seen that on a bloody mary. How would you incorporate that into the glass?

        And that green bloody mary looks awesome.

        1. re: soypower

          LOL, the crackers are just meant to go on the side with the cheese, etc. for those who like a bloody mary without all the stuff in the glass. Yeah, in the drink, crackers would be repulsive. :-)

          1. re: TXMandy

            Gotcha. That makes more sense. I was thinking of doing parmesan tuiles that could sit on the rim of the glass. What do you think?

            1. re: soypower

              That would be wonderful! Go for it!

      2. Horseradish
        HOT pickled green beans

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        1. re: kimfair1

          Pickled okra (hot and/or mild)
          If in your store, Wickles Wickled Okra

          I discovered a brand when I was shopping at Whole Foods (over the holidays). I don't have WFoods in my area, so I ordered online.

          The "kickin" pickles, tomatoes, etc. are the bomb!

          1. re: chloebell

            Green cocktail tomatoes? Wow. I haven't seen this brand before, but I don't usually shop at WF. Generally, I hate that place. But I may make an exception to look for those!

            1. re: chloebell

              I second the Pickled Okra! Spicy pickled okra is one of my favorite Bloody Mary garnishes.

              1. re: chloebell

                I third the spicy pickled okra.

            2. celery salt for rimming
              a couple of kinds of hot sauce--chipotle tabasco and siracha are my house faves.

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              1. re: splatgirl

                Salt for the glass! Thank you! I nearly forgot. I've never tried celery salt, but that makes sense when you think about it.

                1. re: soypower

                  AFAIK, a bloody mary glass is always rimmed with celery salt.

                  1. re: splatgirl

                    Not always in some places I get asked in some not. I don't want salt on my glass. I did see bacon salt the other day, that I may want