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Feb 19, 2013 08:13 PM

Best tasting 'Fried Rice Vermicelli In Singapore Style,星洲炒米' in the GTA: Yang's version - Hand's down!!!

I very seldom hand out accolade to a single dish, especially when it pertains to just an ordinary and popular item that gets featured in almost all Chinese restaurants' menu.

However, the plate of 'Singapore style fried Rice Vermicelli' I had at Yang's yesterday evening was so surprisingly tasty, that it literally blew me away and IMO, blew all its GTA competition away as well!! That would include hole-in-the-wall, fast food/food court, wok-hay stirred fry, family and fine dining establishments. Be it Richmond Court, Gourmet Garden, Congee Queen, Fantasy Eatery, Sun Star, Maple Yip.....etc

With an over abundance of ingredients that include multiple, sweet tasting, 'jumbo' size prawns, what also set this dish apart from its competitors was how well the vermicelli was seasoned and cooked. Such perfection in execution, it will have no problem rubbing shoulders with the best of S.E.Asia, Hong Kong and China!

For sure, I will return for another plate this week!!

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  1. One of my favorite dishes. Now to find a way to get up there! Thanks for the tip!

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    1. re: deabot

      One of my fave growing up. I think there was one year where i ate it every week. I prefer it to stir fried beef rice noodle for sure.

      Also ate lots of it at the robarts truck. Is it still there?

      My favourite version is probably congee queen. Although recently we had a version at one of the restaurants at the kennedy finch plaza that was quite good. I don't usually eat in that mall. But it's the dinner place that does quick lunch specials during the day. Next to the specialty vermicelli place.

    2. hopefully the 'country style' is just as good

      1. A challenge!
        This is the dish that has taken me 'somewhere else' for over 15 years now. So I'll rise to the challenge.

        Of course (?!) it's Wokking on Wheels which parks outside the Robarts Library on St. George and has been loved by thousands of U of T students over the years. Recently renovated (at least re-painted) - this is my guilty pleasure and the Singapore Style Vermicelli is my go-to dish here ($6 - $5.50 for the Vegetarian version - including all taxes, gratuities etc) - but I don't recommend sitting outside to eat it in this weather.

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        1. re: estufarian

          LOLOLOL that truck!! I would order the dry fried beef noodle all the time.

          1. re: estufarian

            i was going to say the same thing! i'm sure not in the same league as the place that Charles has pointed out, but at a much more accessible location, for me at least.

            actually, though, i think the truck i like may be a different one. i like the singapore noodles at the first truck going south from harbord. not sure if this is wokking on wheels--actually, fairly certain that it isn't. but it's good, filling and cheap.

            1. re: autopi

              I've also tried that one. But prefer Wokking on Wheels.

            1. Singapore Vermicelli better than Kom Jug Yuen on Spadina. Hard to believe but I'll try it next chance I get.

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              1. re: Herne

                The smokey wok-hay, the strand separation and 'dryness' of the noodles, the colour and taste from the seasoning and the generous quantity of b-b-q pork and king size prawns makes it pretty hard to beat!!

                1. re: Charles Yu

                  OK OK i'm now convinced that I have to go out of my way to try Yang's version. I have to admit Singapore noodles is my favourite Chinese dish even though ordering it has brought derision from Chinese speaking friends of mine. I assume Yang's has takeout?

                  1. re: Herne

                    Yes they do have take-out. However, I would suggest eating in-house or in your car whilst its still hot!!. No idea what the condensation inside the container will do to the texture of the noodles?!
                    BTW, comparing to other noodle and congee places, Yang's version is not cheap! I believe its around $12.99?!

                    1. re: Charles Yu

                      Thanks again for a great tip!

                      Tried them at lunch yesterday and they were certainly the best I have ever had.
                      1. The fragrant curry powder was properly cooked so i didn't get the dry, grainy mouth feel.
                      2. The serving of shrimp (large 31-35s I think) was very generous. About 11-12 pieces.
                      3. The quality of the juliened ham was an unexpected surprise.

                      I finished with the Durian Puffs which I also loved!

                2. re: Herne

                  Been recently? KJY changed hands a year or so ago.