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Feb 19, 2013 07:22 PM

Side for Lasagna other than Garlic Bread

I'm making a white sauce vegetarian lasagna for a group tomorrow (Wed. dinner, Honolulu time.) I will probably have a green salad as well. Maybe that alone is enough. Usually with "Italian" food I make garlic bread. I was wondering (hoping?) someone had another suggestion.

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  1. I made a meat lasagna over the weekend for visiting family and kept wondering what else I could make. We ended up with the basics of lasagna, green salad and garlic bread like you said. If you want an appetizer this Double Tomato Bruschetta is great!

    You could also do a caprese type salad of fresh mozzarella, tomatoes, EVOO, fresh basil, balsamic, fresh pepper or maybe pesto topped.

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      I agree, a tomato bruschetta would be lovely, especially since your lasagne has a white sauce.

    2. Are you looking for another type of bread? Or something else entirely?

      1. My first instinct is always a nice green salad, but if you want to add another veg, how about broccoli rabe? Blanch in hot water, drain well, and sauté in olive oil with garlic, sliced shallot & a pinch of red chile flakes. Easy and delicious.

        1. imho,
          by adding anything else you will be gilding the lily.
          you have the perfect combo: lasagna, garlic bread, green salad.

          1. Caviar on Melba toast.

            You need some protein to balance out all those carbs.

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                blast it all, my dealer is in Gstaad skiing this week. No fishberry jam for this meeting.

                1. re: KaimukiMan

                  ok, kalmukiMan,
                  try for something more local.
                  how about the "medical" stuff they sell at the storefronts with green cross symbols??