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Feb 19, 2013 07:00 PM

Dinner for 35 near Grand Manchester Hyatt

Hello fellow Hounds,
I'm coming to San Diego for my wife's conference in early March and they have booked Harbour House for dinner for 35 people on Saturday night. The reviews scare the sh*t out of me. I just can't eat mediocre food even if someone else is paying, but they respect my opinion enough to change their plans if I offer a better suggestion..
Does Harbor House really suck and does anyone have a better suggestion near the Hyatt and why....

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  1. I'd go to any local taco shop before eating at the Harbor House.

    It's about price. First I'd check would be Jsix.

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      35 people at a local taco shop would be a fire hazard.

    2. +1 on JSix. The food and service are top notch. Unless you are dying for a blast back to the 1980's and Coconut Shrimp, the Harbor House (and Seaport Village in general) should be avoided.

      I'll get raked over the coals for the this one, but Blue Point could be an option. The food is not particularly creative, and it's a dreaded Cohn establishment, but they are well equipped to handle large business groups.

      I have not dined at Bice, but many people here have and it receives good reviews.


      1. I'm assuming the 35 diners are all staying at the Hyatt and that the H.H. was selected for its proximity, as its just a 3 minute walk from the hotel. I'll assume too that the Hyatt's own restaurant Sally's was rejected due to the price point.

        Having arranged similar dinners myself, I know that most people are interested in convenience and price. Certainly, Jsix and Blue Point are a huge step up from H.H. as would be a couple dozen other places across Harbor Blvd in the downtown area. But getting to these and other spots would involve crossing a busy thoroughfare twice and would be a 10-15 minute walk in each direction. Probably not the best plan for a group of 35.

        I would stay in the immediate vicinity of the Hyatt. There are two possibilities: the Fish Market and Marina Kitchen at the Marriott next door. M.K. would be the better choice. It's new, spacious, has a contemporary menu and could easily accommodate 35. Same price as H.H. but much better and only a 4-5 minute walk up the boardwalk.

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            Love Bice. Certainly in the conversation as the best restaurant in the Downtown/Gaslamp area. They have a private dining room. Logistics and price would be the only issue. Not real close to the Grand Hyatt.

          2. Cafe Chloe (best food you will find in downtown/gaslamp) has now a private room, called Olives & Roses which might be one of your best options. Otherwise I would go for JSix.

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              They have a private room now? Oh, then Cafe Chloe would be a wonderful idea.