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Feb 19, 2013 06:27 PM

Do You Buy Food Online?

Have you found a site that you really like? What do you typically buy? Staples to make a meal or specialty items?

I'm looking for a great site to buy fresh vegetables, protein, and other good food from top quality producers and total transparency.

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  1. Specialty items - vanilla beans, dried cherries, specialty chocolates.

    I use the online sites from my local grocery stores to check price / availability, but then shop in person to select fresh veggies, meat, etc.

    1. i've bought coconut oil from amazon and meats from us wellness, but have since found a local farmer who will sell me grass-fed beef much more cheaply.

      i can't see the point in buying produce on-line -- rather than fresh and in-season.

      1. I never buy fresh food online (or even cheese), but I've bought tons of mustard, hot sauce, olive oil, dried beans*, capers, tea, etc. Oh, and tons and tons of wine.

        *Rancho Gordo. There is no substitute.

        1. Cacao Barry Extra Brute.

          1. I can't imagine I would buy produce or protein online - I'm super picky about these things and like to look at the exact veggies or piece of meat that I'm going to buy.

            DH tried to pick us up steaks at the store a couple of weeks ago when I was sick. I tried to describe my method for picking the best ones, but afterwards, we decided that I'm the only one who buys steaks in this family anymore.

            I live in a decent sized city, so I can get most of what I need as long as I'm willing to visit multiple stores. I do buy a few things online, but mostly specialty products that are hard to find because of my multiple food allergies - I could do without them, but it's a nice treat.