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Feb 19, 2013 06:15 PM

I have my dinner itinerary for review but also looking for great pizza and lunch for our six days in Florence

Dinners are the following:

Osteria vini e vecchi Sapori
I due G
Cipolla Rosa
Il Santo Bevitore
Trattoria Mario



Need some pizza/lunch advice - thanks!!!

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  1. well, I will just start you out with two thoughts
    Mario is strictly a lunch place, Mon-Fri
    if you are having lunch at Sostanza, you will likely want little if any dinner - might be a night for something light at a wine bar

    1. Coquinarius might be a good choice for a light bite after lunch at Sostanza (Jen is absolutely right) and they have lots of salads, or you could just have a cheese plate and a nice glass of wine.

      I almost always have lunch at daSergio when I'm in Florence--very traditional, centrally-located and not quite as rushed as Mario. If you're in the Oltrano neighborhood, Casalinga is another very traditional, homey choice.

      I haven't been in awhile, but I always liked alla Vecchia Bettola, too. As for pizza, well, you don't go to Florence for pizza.

      1. I agree with the others, Coquinarius is definitely more of a lunch place.

        Other lunch options include the various tripe carts around the city; Nerbone or Porks in the market; Cantinetta di Verazzano; Frattelini; Cernacchino; da Vinattieri.

        Pizza isn't that great in florence, but for you lunch you can get some great schiacciata at Pugi that may help sate your pizza craving.

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          From looking at your posts I see that you are incredibly knowledgeable about the Florence restaurants - are you familiar with Osteria de Macci, Ristorante del Fagioli and Casalinga. I need two more dinner reservations for our six nights in Florence while we visit our daughter. I was also told by the concierge at our hotel that Osteria Vini e Vecchio may be closing for renovations when we are there in April and we were planning two nights there so that was a real disappointment - are you aware of this as well? Thanks!!!!

          1. re: mboxermd

            Yes, Fagioli and Casalinga are two of my favorites. Fagioli isn't open on the weekends though, so keep that in mind. Also, I don't think they take credit cards.


        2. In the event you want to eat pizza, here are some suggestions from a local source.

          On this page are some links to pizzerias that are part of the AVPN neapolitan pizza association

          I wouldnt discourage you from trying pizza on a six day visit to Florence if you want some variety- anywhere in Italy it will be a different experience with different standards and flavors from your home version. You should just check to see if they are open at lunch time, since many italian pizzerie, other than slice (al taglio) places are open only in the evening That fits well with the main meal at lunch format we prefer, but may work less well if you are planning to dine in the evening.

          1. i understand wanting pizza-- you can't always eat huge meals out-- but personally prefer wine bars or sandwich places with the fabulous Schiacciata bread-- our salty foccaccia.

            i wouldn't "plan" pizza lunches-- just let them happen as really there is nothing special.
            there is a lovely large napolitano pizza place called funiculi out by the port a prato-- or in the piazza del mercato, rosso pomodoro chain of naples style pizza. in the oltr'arno there is Vico del Carmine-- which is lovely