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Feb 19, 2013 05:04 PM

Must-Try Places in Sacramento for an SF Hound?

Going to make a day trip up to Sacramento soon - any places I shouldn't miss? Already know about The Kitchen and Ella's - but was thinking more along the lines of things I can't get in SF. Thanks!

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  1. Well we have not one, but two restaurants owned by Guy Fieri.

    1. While you're probably looking for restaurants, my best Sacto tip is to stop at Corti Brothers. There is always something there that no one else in San Francisco . . . or North America for that matter . . . carries. Study the newsletters ahead of time, then walk up and down the aisles scanning the shelf-talkers. You might want to put an ice chest in the car to bring back perishables. Some times the butcher case has mangalitsa pork.

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      1. re: Melanie Wong

        ...Sometimes the freezer has mangalitsa pork SCRAPPLE! That's all I wanted for my birthday last year.

        1. re: jennyfur

          Good lord, jennyfur, if you have any left in your home freezer, I'll be by in the morn to get some.

          1. re: Melanie Wong

            Nope. Ate the last chunk on Christmas morning!

      2. Come on Bennyboy, both of Guy Fieri's restaurants suck in a big way, I would not recommend them to anyone

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        1. re: marion l.

          Sarcasm meter on, Marion...... ( just the thought of Sac having something that you can't find in one of the great food cities in the world is ludicrous if you ask me Although I do agree on Corit Bros, and think that both the Mandarin and The Golden Dragon have better chinese food than I have ever had in SF.....

          1. re: bennyboy1

            Hi bennyboy1,

            Could you direct me to the Mandarin and The Golden Dragon, which you recommend? It seems there are a couple restaurants with those names, and I'd like to try them.

            Also, what do you recommend we not miss at each place?


            1. re: alarash

              The Mandarin is at Arden and Eastern, next to Whole Foods. I love it all there but the Hot and Sour Soup is incredible.

              The Golden dragon is in Rocklin, (take Rocklin road off of 80, go left and take the first right and it is in the shopping center that is to the left). and order off the Chinese menu. More hounds here love that place and know way more about it than I do.

              For me Chinese is a lunch thing mostly so my experience is not as wide as others here. But both are regarded as the best in Sac.(No Dim Sum at either)

          2. re: marion l.

            Marion we also have Walmarts, which SF does not have. This is what OP requested. Otherwise can't think of anything food-wise in Sacto that SF does not have.

            (No, no need to reply and tell me Walmart sucks in a big way.)

          3. The best can't-find-in-SF Sacto street food is Cornish pasties. I recommend the ones served at The Fox and Goose, which also has a killer assortment of British beers and ales.

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              1. re: RobertLaughlin

                Looks like a great place to try out - thanks!

              2. San Francisco does not have any Laotian or Hmong eating places. Here's my post on a Lao food counter,

                And Czech food is sparse on the ground in SF, so I've bumped old threads for Cafe Marika and Trattoria la Bohemia to see how those two places are now.

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