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Feb 19, 2013 04:26 PM

sashimi fish in YVR? Angel closed!

I want to buy some more sashimi fish to make chirashizushi for Hinamatsuri (March 3). I haven't been to Angel Seafoods for a while so I was looking up their hours. To my horror I discovered they have moved and their new location is wholesale only!

Where do I go now? Is Fujiya my only option? I much preferred Angel. Has anyone tried Seaborn on 73rd? It's much more conveniently located for me. I am extremely budget-conscious, with my only caveat being that of course I don't want all my guests to spend the evening being sick. I will be freezing anything I buy even if it comes fresh, so I would actually prefer to buy already frozen.

I never went to Sakanaya but when I was searching for a replacement for Angel, it came up... it's also closed... :(

I live in Sunset and can't drive, so transit-friendliness is a must. I do have cooler bags and ice packs for transport.

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  1. Sakanaya closed?

    I wonder where Robert is now?

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    1. re: Sam Salmon

      They still have their website up, it has advertisements for a closing sale in November. I called the number to check if this might be one of those "closing sales that drag on forever", but the phone number went to what sounded like someone's family voicemail, so I assume the number has been reassigned.

    2. Seaborn on 73rd is actually pretty good - for both sashimi grade and other fish. Their bincho is particularly good, and they have a version where they do a smoked tataki of it (frozen) which makes for a nice twist on a classic.

      As a side note they almost always have some special in the deep freezer that they are clearing out at ridiculous rates. One time we got frozen cod (frozen at sea) for a very reasonable 88 cents/pound. It was delicious.

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      1. re: YVRChow

        I second Seaborn. I've been going there since Angel (which was in my general neighbourhood) closed their retail operations.

      2. Black Ocean Enterprises in Richmond has a good selection of retail sashimi grade fish. Couple blocks from Aberdeen skytrain in Richmond so you could combine it with a T&T / Yaohan visit or a dose of Aberdeen Centre. Not as cheap as Angel though ...

        What fish do you want? Tuna loins are available many places, sashimi grade squid from T&T.

        Have to check out Seaborn, never been there...

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        1. re: jcolvin

          call before heading to black ocean, no one in the store most of the time. and they may have moved or closed that location.
          angel still has a wholesale division.

        2. Has anyone tried Kay's seafood on Powell? (Right around the corner from sunrise market.) I stumbled on it last Saturday. They sell mostly sashimi grade, flash frozen, and crazy cheap. I got a big filet of wild sockeye, a huge chunk of albacore (4 servings, easy), 6 diver scallops, an octopus tentacle and a half pound piece of smoked salmon for under $40. What we've had of it has been wonderful. Very fresh, very clean. And since it's right off main, it's central to bus lines.