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Feb 19, 2013 03:55 PM

Electric vs. Handsharpening: Preferred knife sharpening method?

I am tired of dull knives and decided to book a spot in an upcoming knife skills class. Not only do they teach you some slicing and dicing skills, but also how to care for your knives. Right after I booked the class, I had a birthday and my husband bought me an electric knife sharpener. I don't have unbelievably expensive knives but they are what I'm used to. I was a bit weirded out by this gift, since I had just signed up for the class but to be fair I thought I would do some research...
He bought me the Chef's Choice 312 if that helps.

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  1. Don't quote me on this but I think it depends on what kind of knife it is because the electric ones can't always handle the different angles on knives. With a cheap knife that I don't mind potentially losing, I would probably use the electric sharpener on cheap knives that I wouldn't cry over if I had to throw them away. With an expensive Japanese knife I would hand sharpen.

    Are you in Calgary? Knifewear has a knife sharpening class too.

    1. Yes, go to Knifewear, even if it is just to look and talk to the staff. It will change your thinking.

      Also, you can get a great deal on a a VG-10 Damascus steel chef's knife at of all places, Ikea for $80. Get the diamond sharpening steel as well. It is Chinese and does not have the handle finish of a similar Japanese knife, but for $80, you can't go wrong.

      You'll likely end up using the machine for Henckels and lesser knives and a sharpening steel for a quick edge, a diamond steel for putting a quick edge on your better knives,like VG-10 blades, and taking the VG-10's and better to a place like Knifewear after they begin to lose their edge and the steels won't do the trick.

      Also, tell husband that for the next occasion, you want a gift cert for Knifewear. Buying a knife there is an occasion, they are pricey. And you will never go back to a cheap knife again.