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Feb 19, 2013 02:59 PM

Livingston/Orange area

I will be in Parsippany next week by myself. Any good recommendations to grab dinner like a deli or something? I'll accept take out options. I know that a couple Shoprites in the area have deli counters. Do they have prepared food or make sandwiches?

As much as I'd like to try Mosaica or Fumio, I should probably save those for a night with the Mrs.

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  1. Mosaica has closed. In its place is Et Al, owned by the people who own Etc.

    Both Livingston and WO Shop Rites have prepared food and will make sandwiches, afaik.

    Jerusalem is good milchig Israeli/pizza in Livingston. Not sure what's sit-down in WO these days.

    1. About year ago I spent 4 months in Livingston and got know the offerings in the area - Shame Mosaica closed it was very good - there is also Fumio's in Livingston

      In West Orange there is for take out Woxx (which used to be Chopstix) and Ruben's Glatt Spot -

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        Is Fumio as good as JoyofKosher's contest made it out to be?

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          I did enjoy my trips to Fumio - the steaks were tasty and cooked to my desired tempaerature - I will be honest I did enjoy Mosaica more

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          Is Reuben's more than a caterer? It's website makes it seem like it's neither a sit-down restaurant or even a take out facility.

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            Reuben's is both a caterer and a take out facility. It has dairy on one side of the store and meat on the other side. There is no place to sit and it is not a "sit-down restaurant".

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                I did that a few times when I had to run back to the hotel -

        3. You can get a full listing of kosher eatieries in the neighborhoood by going to

          1. I started my culinary tour of Metrowest with takeout from Tokyo Hibachi, which was on the way from NYC to Parsippany. I had sesame chicken and hot and sour soup. I must say both were pretty lousy. I don't plan on hitting up TH any time again on this tour. Tomorrow, I'll likely grab dinner at Reuben's or one of the Shoprites.

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              WOXX in West Orange is Asian takeout. I haven't tried it yet but I've heard it's good.

            2. Which is the fanciest/best restaurant to go in this area?

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              1. re: river3950

                Fanciest I would have to say is Fumio's -

                1. re: weinstein5

                  Agreed. Everything else is either takeout or a pizza joint.