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Burch Steak & Pizza Bar

Opens tonight. Post reviews here.


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  1. Went last night. Got smaller ribeye. Very well seasoned and well cooked. Like that you can order multiple sizes. Great wine list, and seemed pretty affordable for a steak place. I didn't get the try the pizza, but the grilled prawns were pretty good.

    Obviously new place, but glad to see expansion in a tough economy. I think the cliche "old school" steakhouses are going to be a thing of the past. This concept is interesting, not intimidating, and doesn't leave you feeling like you spent the last hour stuffing your face. I love Manny's but their sides are overpriced and just ok in my book...also always for two.

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      How did the steak compare to Manny's or Capitol Grille? Honestly I'm not the biggest steak fan but, I think prefer Capitol Grille as of late. It's cool that it has a non-traditional steakhouse vibe but if the steak isn't up to par I doubt I will be going here. I've had some friends go and say that the pizzas are really good though. I did hear there is no cocktail program at Burch which is a bit disappointing.

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        IMHO, you get a much better steak at Capital Grill for less money. Plus, Capital grill ages their meat.

    2. Just had the best soup and dessert EVER.
      (squash with escargot, and chocolate tablets with poached pear, wow, with the sugary crystalized nature of a creme brulee top) Ribeye was sublime. Looking forward to the pizza and bar downstairs next time. Learned you can order upstairs whatever they have downstairs. Didn't realize they had lamb on the downstairs menu. My companion LOVED the pork shoulder with polenta and lemon tart.
      Prices for many small plates very reasonable, imaginative, delicious. enjoy!

      1. I liked it. Rib eyes, prime, were very good, sides were great, appetizers were good. We really liked the dumplings. I can see going here a lot. we were told there will be a cocktail program, it just hasn't been completed yet. I get the feeling they opened a little prematurely - maybe due to demand? Things seem a little unfinished.

        1. Nice to see you can order a whole bunch of sides. As a vegetarian I like that. One question - Grilled bottom mushrooms?

          They can spell Schupfnudel and not button? Unless of course there is such a thing as a bottom mushroom.

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            Bottom mushrooms are also referred to as Meadow Mushrooms or Pink Bottom so they may know how to spell....

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              Ok - I looked up bottom mushrooms and didn't find anything. Guess Google can't find everything. Happy to learn something new - thanks! As Emily Litella would say... "Never mind."

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                Menu reprint reflects "Button" mushrooms.

                1. re: mitch cumstein

                  Which suck (compared to all other mushrooms).

                    1. re: sandylc

                      I disagree also. I don't know any mushrooms that suck.....They may taste milder but they don't suck

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                        Based on Burch's prices, they should at least be using Oyster, if not something more exotic, like Maitaki, instead of the bargain basement plain Jane Button. But what do I know, I only foraged 150 lbs. of exotic wild mushrooms last year.

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                          I don't know what you know.....I don't think it is that expensive. But what do I know?

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                            That sounds delicious! You are very lucky and I'd like to go with you sometime!

                            That said, white mushrooms are delicious in their own right, and if they are cheaper we shouldn't dismiss them based upon that, we should be happy that we can get a tasty mushroom for less money.

            2. I was in the neighborhood with my husband and 5 yr old when it opened on Monday, so we managed to get an early table. I like it! I really liked the choice of steak cuts/sizes as I'd rather try a number of things than just one huge hunk of meat.

              Husband and I each had a cocktail and a glass of red. I had a cosmo (I know...) but it was actually really good and not at all like what you're thinking. The cocktails are not on the online menu so I can't say what's in it but I would have it again.

              We shared the salmon tartare app, the schupfnudel (sp?) dumplings, the chocolate braised rabbit app, a small grass fed flat iron, a small prime hanger, the lemon dessert and the Baba Rhum. Son got a cheese pizza, which they are only doing for kids right now. Otherwise you can't order between the steak and pizza menus until they're open for longer.

              I liked everything! Steaks were very flavorful and the flatiron was a good value in particular. I would definitely go back and explore the dumpling section. And the salmon was more mediterranean in flavor which is a nice twist from tartare often being asian-inspired.

              No issues with having our son there (it was 5:15...) but Nancy was FOH and as friendly as usual and our server was good as well (recommending the flat iron and the rabbit).

              1. I went Thursday, my initial opinion is that this is a steak place for women. My mother and grandma loved the smaller cuts and the cheaper cuts. I got a few oysters which were very good. For my first drink I had the Burch Penicillin (a local take on Sam Ross' cocktail) which was disappointing and it shows Becker's lack of interest in craft cocktails even though its an admittedly tough drink to make. For my main I had the 6oz Prime Sirloin, I ordered it Pittsburgh style and it was way over cooked the inside was medium/medium-rare, the steak sauce while different wasn't good. My side was a potato purre with poutine gravy, which I thought was a simple but more interesting take on the classic. For dessert I had the chocolate hazelnut cake which was good. Unfortunately the steak ruined it for me I hope it was just that the small size of the steak made it too difficult and I am definitely planning on going again. Though my current impression is that I would be much happier at Capitol Grille with the food. I should say too that I love 112 and BLG so maybe my expectations were just too high. It certainly seems like the hip new place to be we sat next to Jared Allen so its certainly still has the go and be seen thing going on.

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                1. re: astadtler

                  A steak place for women? Don't insult my gender. It's a steak place for chumps -- of both sexes.


                  The more I think about it, the more I can't wait to read the reviews of people who get paid to review. Will they or won't they? As I originally wrote. Big Name Chef plus Big Bucks means overly favorable reviews. This is the provincial restaurant review sickness in the Twin Cities.

                  Burch deserves to be slammed. But who will have the guts to call a spade a spade? Certainly not people who think it's a BFD to sit next to Jared Allen (who I had to Google to find out who he is).

                  [By the way, I gave the steak joint a second try. Same problems which manifested themselves in different details. Have yet to try the pizza but I'm waiting for Burch to fix that, given all the other negative reviews.]

                  1. re: SarahInMinneapolis

                    I don't think he was saying it was a big deal as much as the place to see and be seen which many new restaurants fall into. Calling it a steak place for chumps seems much more insulting than a steak place for women. But way to insult while being insulted. Kudos!

                    I had a good steak, but the reviews here make me rethink ever going back. I guess it was one of the few on nights.

                    1. re: SarahInMinneapolis

                      I slammed the cocktails, I slammed the steak what else do you want out of me? Sorry if you thought I was being sexist. It's a steak place for people not interested in steak. I had a friend go for pizza tonight who said pretty much the same thing that the sides were good pizza was bad. We both agreed that our dinner at Parka the night before was better.

                      In conclusion I have to say that it was an ambitious, maybe even just bad idea. When I heard steak & pizza I thought it sounded tough to pull off but I thought of the few people who could pull it off in Minneapolis Becker might be one of them but clearly thats not the case. Like you said it will be interesting to see what the professional reviewers say, Jason DeRusha already proclaimed it as "absolutely genius".

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                        Hey, astadtier, I was kind of having fun with you. But I did like my conclusion about steaks for chumps. I had to go find what DeRusha wrote. http://www.minnesotamonthly.com/media...

                        Hilarious. I've got to assume that the recognizable Jason DeRusha is going to get a much better dining experience than most people who are not so easily recognizable. Granted, Jason writes a blog and is not a professional reviewer. He has never professed to be more than his: A TV personality who likes to dine out and write about.

                        And given all these considerations, his opinions don't matter much. "Absolute genius?" Big Name Chef must treat DeRusha well.

                  2. I'm going tonight to celebrate a couple of birthdays. I'm looking forward to it in spite of the many negative reviews here and the "Bark on Burch" thread.

                    Take a look at the Yelp reviews where there is a lot of positive feedback.

                    I think it's a brilliant menu. We plan to explore a number of options and I'll report back.

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                      You'll have a great time - ignore the negative - it's lots of fun!

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                        If you order a steak, remember to ask them to go easy on the salt. That was my #1 issue with them.

                      2. I enjoyed my time at Burch.

                        We were one of the first in there and they placed us in a lovely corner table by the window. That helped with the sound later on in the evening.

                        The drinks were good. I had the one with the ginger beer and rum.

                        My friend loved the sauteed shrimp with brown butter. I loved the semolina dumplings with brown butter. I definitely would love to try all their dumplings.

                        Since it was our birthdays, we splurged and ordered the prime filet. It was delicious and almost oversalted. I usually like salty beef so I didn't tell them to be light on the salt. I think I will do that next time though so that I have more control. My friend didn't seem to mind.

                        Next time I would like to try their grassfed beef, probably something like a less expensive cut with more beefy flavor. I missed that on the filet, though I loved it for what it was.

                        My roasted cauliflower was beautifully caramelized and I was so looking forward to it. It was way oversalted and I could not eat it. The waitress said she would deduct it from my bill and asked if I could put it to use. I said I could put it into soup or eggs. She packed it up for me. I did put it into eggs the next day, added no salt, and it was perfect and delicious. I would order the dish again and tell them light on the salt.

                        Salt has been a complaint in some of the reviews for several weeks now. I wonder why Burch hasn't paid attention to this.

                        My friend ordered the kale, but did not taste it. She said she had ordered too much food and that she'd just take it home.

                        Desserts. I would not order the baba rhum again. The rum syrup was too sweet. The cake was nice, but not what I wanted. My friend loved her lemon tart.

                        That's all. I definitely would go again. I loved it there. I still think the menu is wonderful and I want to try everything. Then there's the pizza...