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Feb 19, 2013 02:21 PM

Whatever happened to All-Clad customer service?

We have a full suite of All-Clad pots and pans and, for the most part, are happy. The problem is with the non-stick pan.

The coating of the non-stick has deteriorated to the point where the pan is not usable. We've always followed instructions so that is not the issue. Rather, the pan has deteriorated over the course of five years to the point that the coating is shot and replacement is guaranteed under warranty.

Ah, there's the rub. My wife tried calling and never got a response. She also tried e-mail per the FAQ stuff on the website and could never resolve the issue. I couldn't even launch a response from their "contact us" button using my iPad.

So here's the deal, what has happened to All-Clad's customer service and am I stuck with a useless pan with a useless guarantee?

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  1. Try it a few times. I heard All Clad still has one of the best responding customer service. You should at least hear something from them.

    As for nonstick pans, nonstick coating is usually its weakest link. That is the nonstick coating is the first thing to go and not the cladding or the handle or the lid. As such, expensive nonstick pans do not necessary last longer than inexpensive ones.

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    1. re: Chemicalkinetics

      Hi Ck,
      My wife has been on the case for awhile now, she's pretty tenacious. I gave it a shot today and found the process unsatisfactory.

      Since we can't get through to All-Clad, I thought it prudent to post this thread.

      1. re: steve h.

        That sucks. How long have you been trying? A day or two? Or more like a week?

        1. re: Chemicalkinetics

          Since September 26, 2012.

          We tend not to over react.

          1. re: steve h.

            Ok, that is just plain ridiculous. They should at the very least give you a yes and no answer.

    2. I'd contact "The Haggler" at the New York times for assistance. He is usually very good at ferreting out bad customer service. His name is David Segal. Always enjoy reading his column in the sunday Times.

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      1. re: Enigma3

        Hi Enigma,
        Calling in the Gray Lady is like calling in air strikes for body crabs. This is a small issue and should be easy to resolve. I'm puzzled by All-Clad's failure to step up and initiate a dialogue.

      2. steve did you purchase the pan directly from All-Clad? If not, I wonder whether you might enlist the assistance of the retailer from which you purchased the pan. If nothing else, they should have more influence than a single purchaser.

        I'm sorry and disappointed to learn of your troubles w All-Clad. Thankfully, I've never had an issue w my purchases but their reputation is certainly a factor in my purchasing decisions.

        Please keep us posted.

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        1. re: Breadcrumbs

          Chefs Catalog was the provider. I'll contact them next if All-Clad continues to be unresponsive.

          1. re: Breadcrumbs

            I do not even know where I bought what. I have a few from a seconds place but not the nonstick. If I had thought of it, I would have listed the venders when I bought one by one. But, you know how that goes, today a business says about 90 days and then they tell you to contact manufacture.

          2. I have read where the All Clad nonstick pans do not hold up for All Clad a long time. I have the 10 inch and the 12. They stay in the cabinet because I fear I will mess them all up so what is the use of having them. There use to be a factory here up North in the U.S. Not for certain what is the latest on it. Anyhow, if you have had them I would say a few years than you may not have them much longer and will discard. I have some old ones, Farberware Connisseure is one, that have lasted forever and only paid about $12 for it at Pennys over 16 years ago. I have decided no more nonstick All Clad for me. Buy cheap and toss. Only way to go. However, I can not say how All Clad ones are since I never use mine. What can I say?

            1. Recently, I had a great experience with All-Clad.

              We received a 12 inch non-stick fry pan for our wedding some 10 years ago. Like you said, the non-stick didn't work as well as the years went by. Last November, I called All-Clad, described the problem, and they told me it was covered under warranty and they would replace it for free (shipping both ways included).

              However, as the years went by, I discovered that I really didn't need a 12 inch non-stick fry pan, and would rather have a regular stainless steel 12 inch fry pan. So I asked the rep if they would be able to replace the non-stick pan with a regular stainless steel one and she said that they could.

              So, I now have a brand new 12 inch All Clad stainless steel fry pan.

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              1. re: Philly Ray

                Great news. I will keep that in mind. Good to know we can still count on All Clad. Do you have to have a bill of sale? I have no idea where all my papers are. I had a weak moment and even have the pasta cooker with insert which is a waste. Good for cooking large amounts without pasta insert however. Also, I do not use my pan with the wire strainer. I have used the pan a few times. I thought I had to have it. There is only 2 of us so if I had a larger family again might use it. That is about all I have stored for now. Just want to warn eveyrone, always use wooden utensils are soft plastic. These scratch so easily.

                1. re: Tinkerbell

                  I did not have any paperwork since it was originally a gift. The only hoop you really need to jump through is when the item is returned, All-Clad will inspect it to determine if the problem is due to normal wear and tear or "customer abuse". Since my issue was determined to be normal wear and tear, it was replaced.

                  1. re: Philly Ray

                    Thanks, Philly. That is what I needed to know. Appreciate the info. Usually I take good care of this. Hate to say this, I protect it, ha, by not using some times. Crazy to have and not use. I have slow cookers, pressure cookers, electric frying pans and I turn to them a lot. We use the 2 quart All Clad pot a lot. Also the 3 quart one. I have Magnalite that I need to get rid of that I turn to too. I have been around a long time. Somewhere 20 years ago got the whole set of Magnalite and love the 6 quart cooker. Finally put the rest of set in garage for garage sale if I can make my self turn loose in a month or so. I even have the enamel cast iron Staub. This place was a mess until we got storage cabinets in garage for a lot of it. Now it is organized so I know where everything is.