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Feb 19, 2013 02:18 PM

Where to eat on our Honeymoon - Siena, Florence, Rome, Positano

Hi all!
I have been scouring Chowhound, food blogs, Tripadvisor for dining suggestions for my Italian honeymoon. We love food but would prefer traditional, cozy restaurants to anything new and trendy. I am looking for more mid-price restaurants but am willing to splurge for a great experience. I was hoping to get some feedback on the list I have already put together/some suggestions...

So far I have put together dinners at:

Florence (2 nights):
Trattoria i Due G
Ristorante del Fagioli

Siena (2 nights):
Antica Osteria da Divo
We are going to have a rental car as we will be driving to some hilltowns - kind of getting lost in the region - does anyone have recommendations for a nice dinner outside of Siena? Maybe a farm? It would need to be open Saturday/Sunday. This is actually a belated honeymoon so Sunday would be our 1 year anniversary and this could be a good splurge opportunity.

Positano (3 nights):
La Terra

Rome (3 nights - staying near Piazza Navona):
Hosteria Costanza
Renato e Luisa
Taverna dei Fori Imperiali

I was hoping I could get some feedback - if there is anywhere amazing that I am missing or any on my current list that need to be taken off. As I mentioned I've tried to do a lot of research but there is SO much info out there and I wouldn't mind some recommendations that are more tailored to what we are looking for - cozy, traditional, neighborhoody versus the more upscale or trendy. Also - outside of Siena we will not have a car and need restaurants that are accessible via public transportation or walking.

Thank you in advance!

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  1. What time of year will you be in Positano?

    In season do not miss Da Adolfo for lunch and a day by the sea. We celebrate our anniversary or a birthday there almost every year.

    Bar Bruno is a fantastic spot and Taverna dei Fori Imperiale is my neighborhood fave.

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      I wholeheartedly agree with Gillian's Da Adolfo suggestion! One of the best days and meals during my week in Positano last year. It was so good I am returning again this June.

      One of the most romantic places we went in Positano was to the terrace at Il San Pietro for cocktails at sunset. Amazing views over Positano and fantastic bellini.

    2. For a meal in the Southern Chianti Classico region (nearest to Siena) think about Malborghetto in Lecchi. This is a lovely restaurant in a sleepy village that serves really well executed traditional dishes.
      The restaurant at Castello di Brolio serves more modern and refined dishes with wines from the estate.
      One of my favourites is the restaurant at the wine estate Castell'in Villa near Castelnuovo Berardenga. These are some of Chianti's best wines served with simple dishes of outstanding quality. La Bottega del 30 serves Michelin starred dishes in a rustic village setting.
      Leave a bit of extra time to find these places - you really will get lost a bit! I wouldn't fancy a drive back to Siena from this area in the dark after a big meal - the roads are dark and bendy - so think about eating your larger meal here at lunchtime.

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        Castell'in Villa near Castelnuovo Berardenga - sorry for my ignorance - is this near Rome? Sounds like a wonderful experience - I hadn't thought about a dinner in a wine estate!

        1. re: smilingal

          It's in the Chianti Classico wine producing region in Tuscany about 25km North East of Siena. Many of the wine estates have holiday apartments / B&B accommodation and some have restaurants on site. They're generally rustic, full of charm and delicious!

          1. re: BrianGilligan

            thanks - we will be staying in Rome - so needed someplace nearby just for dinner.