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Feb 19, 2013 02:08 PM

Basement Bistro (Earlton) in the news

Yono's restaurant in Albany and Damon Baehrel of The Basement Bistro in Earlton, Greene County, have been named semifinalists for 2013 James Beard Awards. The only other non-New York City Beard Award nominees in the state are the founders of Brewery Ommegang in Cooperstown and a Lake Placid chef.

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  1. Love both places!!
    Our first date was at Yono and Damon catered the wedding four years later!! Synchronicity!!!

    1. and again; seems the name has changed and his prices too!

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      1. re: DGresh

        Oy. This is ridiculous. At $60 or $70 a head, as it was just a few years ago, it was a fun and interesting experience, some of the food exceptional and most just pretty good. Much of it was more about the experience than the food, the story behind it rather than the end result. Now, having been discovered by "celebrities" and billionaires for whom cost is meaningless, it has turned into a toy for the 1%. Great. I don't begrudge Damon for capitalizing on it, but I won't miss it either. 5 year waiting list? Please...

        1. re: rrems

          I tend to agree with you on all points. We paid, I think, $69 pp about 6 years ago, plus a fairly pricey bottle of wine. But you can't blame the guy if the market will bear....

      2. Still on the waiting list for The Basement Bistro . . .

        Been to Yono's many times :)

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          1. re: financialdistrictresident

            Subject: Thank you for contacting the Reservation Office for DAMON BAEHREL...

            Thank you for inquiring about a reservation at DAMON BAEHREL. Due to a large volume of reservation requests, we are currently backlogged with a multi-year waiting list. No same day, same week or same month reservations are possible. It is not unusual for guests to wait several years or more for a reservation. Please note that it is best to choose multiple days/dates/months/times of the year that you would be available, Unfortunately, specific seating/arrival times cannot be requested. Seating times are assigned by our Reservaton Office. Flexibility is the key to securing a reservation.

            Our reservation representative will normally contact you within 5 to 10 business days. But recent media coverage may push that initial contact to over a month or more. Sorry for the delay and any inconvenience this may cause. This auto reply does NOT confirm your requested reservation or have your reservation profile added to our waiting list database.

            Thank you again for your interest, and we look forward to you dining at DAMON BAEHREL for the Native Harvest Experience. We promise the experience will be unlike anything you've experienced anywhere in the world and worth your efforts!
            Note: Gift Cards & Certificates are NOT available or issued for the restaurant.

          2. no dining experience is worth that effort....none