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Feb 19, 2013 01:54 PM

Would you pay $20 for a garbage bowl?

Maybe this belongs in Cookware or Media, but to me it seems pretty general...
While picking up a soup ladel at the big red circle store, I stumbled across something that really got me thinking. 'Twas the Rachael Ray garbage bowl. It's plastic, not too pretty, and really overpriced.
I spent the rest of that Target run wondering about celeb endorsements for products, be it food or cookware.
So, I wonder... what do you 'hounds think about slapping a name on something and jacking up the price? In this case it's just a junky bowl, but have you ever been influenced by anything like this?

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  1. It's funny you should ask this. I was looking for a cheapo bowl to transport a big salad to a party; I wanted to let the host keep it and reuse/regift. I got a HUGE glass bowl (mind you, glass, not Waterford, but not plastic either) in Walmart for 1.86.

    So I might see something like that and say "Cool", but then I'd look for it in a cheaper generic model.

    1. This is purely marketing to the masses who don't know any better. I am appalled. I do use a "garbage bowl" on occasion and had heard of this product but 20 dollars is highway robbery.

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      1. re: melpy

        Melpy, I know you to be a fellow central PA-er and perhaps it's the sense of practicality that's in our blood that makes us shocked at the price, haha!

        1. re: alliegator

          That practicality in your blood isn't confined to regions. I'm an ex-NYer (actually Brooklyn) residing in Northern California. I wouldn't pay $1 dollar for a "garbage bowl" as I could probably repurpose something I've already got in my kitchen.

          Then again, anything endorsed by Rachel Ray (and I know she has her fans tho not likely here) is probably overpriced.

      2. I guess if you liked the way it looks $20 is not too dear.
        I use an old tupperware bowl. It never leaves it's spot on the back of the counter next to the sink.

        1. I have this bowl. My grandma bought one each for my sister and I from QVC and had them mailed to us (along with several other Rachael Ray products. Would I have bought it myself? Probably not, especially at that price. However, I know it makes her happy to share cooking supplies with us now that we have grown-up, moved away, and don't get to cook with her very often anymore. She also has started to send us all of her old casserole dishes, bowls, flatware, etc. She gave me a very nice set of china when I was home over Christmas. She enjoys watching RR and finding recipes that she thinks her young-professional granddaughters with busy lives can make at home in a short time frame. She's doing quite alright financial, so I don't begrudge her the least for purchasing this for me.

          For the record, I've never actually used it for a garbage bowl. I have used it for a large mixing bowl, a salad bowl, a bowl to display fruit in, serving bowl for chips, etc. Mine is a dark red color and I actually like the look of it quite a bit and have had lots of compliments on it.

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          1. re: pollymerase

            That's really nice of your grandma to share her cooking supplies and buy new ones for you :) It shows she's thinking of you and considers your needs when cooking, so I give her purchase of the bowl a thumbs up!

          2. It's pretty funny, isn't it? Personally, I just grab whatever bowl of an appropriate size is sitting on my drying rack. I more or less know ahead of time if I'm going to have a lot, or a little, stuff to throw in the compost, so I choose a good bowl for the job. I will admit that it took me a long time (way too long) to realize that it was far easier to grab a bowl to put my peelings in to dump in the compost, than it is to peel into the sink and them pull stuff out with my hands to put in the compost. Yes, I'm a slow learner.