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Fun business dinner downtown?

Some colleagues and I, and our client, will be in town next week for a few days. We're staying at the Sheraton, so would prefer to be close to that, but a short cab ride is ok.

- There will be 4-6 of us on Tuesday night, likely around 6:30 or 7pm.
- Reservations are a must; don't want to hang out for an hour waiting for a table
- Good food is more important than good atmosphere, but I'd really like both. Boisterous is ok, can't hear the person sitting next to you is not.
- I'd prefer interesting food done well over standards done exceptionally well.
- Price is pretty open


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    1. If you're willing to head west to Ossington (Ossington & Dundas) I would suggest The Saint. Sounds like what you're looking for.

      1. Thanks for the feedback. Volos appears similar to a Greek place I've been with the same client on another adventure.

        Some suggestions from local colleagues include:
        Toca – in the Ritz Carlton
        Crush Wine Bar
        Nota Bene
        Carens Wine

        Daisho looked very interesting (do the large portion chicken or pork tenderloin), but I got to thinking that it was way too much food for a party of 4, and we wouldn't have any way to handle leftovers.

        We had a dinner at Canoe this week (different group), and while I liked the food quite a bit, it wasn't as adventurous as I'd like (although the desserts were unusual), and the environment was too low-key.

        Any thoughts on the others, or other suggestions?

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            I second Richmond Station- close to the Sheraton as well. I have heard good things about Toca in Ritz. They also just opened up Shore Club adjacent to the Ritz which is supposed to be $$$ but good.
            I really like E11ven near Air Canada centre/Maple Leaf Sq. or Aria in the same block.

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            I don't think Carens Wine Bar has the atmosphere you're looking for. It's a nice low key little spot to go for some wine and cheese to catch up with a friend , but not what I'd call a fun business dinner destination. It would also require a cab ride.

            I think Nota Bene is a good possibility. Not far from the Sheraton and generally gets positive reviews.

          3. I actually don't know where the Shereton is, however if it is not too far I recommend Kingyo. The food is interesting, the space is fun.

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            1. Yes? Hi! The Filmore's has the all you can eat wings and the fun times.

              1. Thanks for all the feedback. We wound up at Splendido and had an excellent time. The atmosphere was decidedly more low-key than I had planned for, but worked out perfectly. Excellent leisurely meal, good service (the sommelier didn't know the answer to one of our wine questions, so rang the vineyard to see what the answer was), wonderful flavors. Highly recommended.

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                  Glad you enjoyed Splendido. If you want to get a little more rowdy next time, you might go to Jacobs & Co. A great, modern steakhouse with a lively crowd.