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Feb 19, 2013 01:06 PM

What are your favorite ways to use porcinis?

I was just gifted a fairly large amount of porcinis. I'd love some ideas of what to do with them. I have no dietary restrictions.

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  1. What a nice present!

    One of my favorite uses is in this lasagna:
    In addition to the occasions when I've made the whole thing, I've put together versions of the components separately as mushroom soup, sauce, and sausage-pepper-mushroom ragout (outstanding with polenta).

    Sauced porcinis make a delicious filling for crepes.

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    1. re: ellabee

      Crepes are a great idea that I hadn't thought of. Thank you. It seems most porcini recipes are pasta dishes. Nothing wrong with that, I love pasta but was interested in finding other options as well.

      1. I just used dried porcini in mushroom barley soup as I didn't have any fresh tonight. Really light, healthy soup for it being almost Spring! Much lighter than the traditional beef barley mushroom wintery soup.

        Chicken stock, onions, mushrooms, lots of carrots and barley, spices were garlic, black pepper, lots of dill and bay leaves. It was one of those "more than the sum of its parts" soups.

        1. Are they dried or fresh? If fresh, I suggest a mushroom pate.

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            They are dried. I will peruse some mushroom paté recipes. Great idea.