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Feb 19, 2013 12:52 PM

Temp-taions bakeware

Have any of you used the Temp-tations bakeware? QVC sells it and I saw an infomercial this morning about it. It is very pretty but I am particularly interested in the 9x13 dish. It is deep and comes with a stoneware cover lid (can also be used as a cookie sheet or serve tray) and a plastic one. A lot of good reviews on QVC, but there are some that had a problem with it cracking in the oven.

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  1. HI, dixiegal.

    Are you familiar with the QVC Community Temptations forum?

    I have no personal experience with Temptations, but know of the piece you're interested in. The first time I saw it, it reminded me of a set of casseroles I had in the late 70's or early 80's, made by Anchor Hocking/Fire King, I think. They were clear and the lids could also be used as trays. Loved the concept. Lost them in a move, but really enjoyed using them because of the versatility. Still miss them all these years later.

    If you get the piece, please let me know what you think about

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    1. re: Molly James

      >Are you familiar with the QVC Community Temptations forum? <

      I am not familiar with this. I am going to check it out. Thanks!

      I think the ones they have now have wrought iron baskets to hold it. I don't really care about the basket anyway. They also come in some pretty colors.

    2. I ordered a 3 piece set when it was a today's special value a few years ago. They came with rattan holders so you could take the hot/warm serving dish and serve directly at the table. I didn't think the quality of the pieces was anything special but I ended up sending the whole set back when the handle broke off the 9 X 13 rattan server the first time I used it.

      1. I've had my set around two years. No problems with them, but do not use them in an oven over 450. My server is made out of metal and comes in handy when your bring the cassarole to the table. We have stoneware lids and plastic lids for the refrig.
        Its nice to have matching stoneware at a dinner party. When I bought my set the price was only a few bucks more than the single large one.

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        1. re: double0

          >I've had my set around two years. No problems with them, but do not use them in an oven over 450.<

          Glad to hear your set has held up well. I can't imagine cooking anything in it that would require that high of heat. usually just casseroles. I am really attracted to the new one that is on the informercial. QVC does not have it. I just like the pattern of the one on the infomercial the best. But, it only comes in a set with the 9x13, 2 loaf pans and 4 little square ones. All for a 100.00. For now, I just want the 9 x 13. Can't decide if I want to wait and see if that pattern shows up on QVC and with the option of buying the pieces seperate, or just get one of the ones on QVC. Then to decide what color. They are all so pretty. Am wondering if that lime green color would look good with my kiwi LC.

        2. Hello Dixiegal

          We have had a couple of different sets for some time now, and could not be happier with them. I will echo baseballfan's sentiments regarding the wicker holders...they're about as useful as a football bat! As far as other issues, we've had none over the past 6 years or so. The metal holders are good, and we'll frequently use the provided glass trivets in our kitchen as well. A decent value all in all, with a pretty good selection of colors and styles.

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          1. re: jaqzdad

            Good, I think I will give one a try. I actually had a temptation baking dish a long time ago. It did not break or anything, but I stopped using it because it did not have any handles on it or a good way to grip it. I always felt like I was going to drop it when I was taking it out of the oven. It was just a plain white one though. I gave it to the hope center. It came with a metal holder, but no type of lid.

          2. I have MANY of the Temp-tations bakeware! Love it! I have some patterns that are discontinued and the current floral lace pattern. The clean-up is the best. I finally gave other bakeware pieces to my kids as they moved out of the house and just have Tara's pieces. A word of advice, although floral lace is beautiful it will chip. The other older pieces that do not have that glassy finish, but a pottery look, hold up extremely well, no chipping or breakage. I highly recommend this brand.