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Feb 19, 2013 12:33 PM

Livers (and other organ meat) in chicken stock

Anyone know what the deal is with putting organ meat in chicken stock?

Another chicken question!

I make stock from two small carcasses from roasted chickens, and this time one of the chickens came with the packet of organs so I threw those in the pot. I'm pretty sure it tasted fine when it was done, but I already froze it so I can't double check. Everything online says livers will make the stock bitter. Is that true? And how many would you have to add before the liver flavor comes through?

I just want to be sure so when I defrost the stock I'm not left with a bitter unusable batch.

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  1. And, that being said, is there anything I can do to remedy it if it turns out to be bitter once I defrost it?

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    1. re: EggyEggoo

      it won't really be bitter -- it will taste liver-y --- if you like the taste of liver, this is no big deal.

      If it's pronounced when it's thawed and heated, I'd use it for vegetable soup or something where you add tomatoes or something else that will mask the flavor.

    2. I accidentally wade a turkey stock not realizing that the organs packet had remained in the neck cavity. The liver flavor was pronounced, but I wouldn't call it bitter. I ended up tossing the stock, after several attempts at doing things with it, because I didn't like the liver flavor there.

      1. To make gravy for turkey I use the gizzards and neck to create the broth I use after deglazing the fond in the pan. Makes good gravy.

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        1. re: melpy

          Liver and gizzards are completely different.

        2. Bad idea to add liver or other organ meats when making stock.

          I love liver. But liver soup? Not so much.

          1. <Everything online says livers will make the stock bitter. Is that true?>

            I won't use the word bitter, but it does have a very unique taste to it. I have had routine make chicken liver dishes, but not as part of stock.