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Feb 19, 2013 12:30 PM

Best place with (not just) barbeque?

Hello, all! Will be visiting from DC in May, with my beloved but non-meat eating husband. (He does eat fish and seafood though.) Is there anywhere worth going for Texas barbeque that will also have something substantial he can eat? I'm willing to abandon him for a meal if need be, but I'd rather not. :)

We are staying at the Austin Motel, and leaning toward not renting a car, so we probably will be sticking close to that area.


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  1. The short answer is no. You will be in walking distance of LA BBQ on 1st St.

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      And Dock & Roll is right across the street. Get him a fantastic lobster roll. I know it's not east coast but they have several different variations and they are delish.

    2. Yes, well, again the short answer is no.

      However, in the spirit of pleasing everyone (although at a significant compromise to both), I'd suggest Lambert's. There are several options for brunch, pretty limited for lunch and dinner. I suggest for you the wild boar ribs. Seriously, not even my top five, but given the veggie limitation, the only bbq joint I can suggest.

      My second option would be County Line on the Lake. Very "Austin" vibe. Reliable, if less than stellar, bbq and my friend says the salmon is quite nice. Sit outside and enjoy the creek, a mexican martini. Get the pork ribs with spicy sauce. Cobbler is pretty good, too.

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        Oh, hubs reminded me of the BBQ shrimp appetizer at County Line on the Lake is good too.

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          lamberts is a fantastic idea! This way the husband won't be jealous at all when he sees you eating craptastic bbq ;)

          Haven't stopped by in a while but there are a lot of food trucks near LA BBQ, certainly he'll be able to find something decent and you can actually enjoy good texas bbq.

          1. re: chrisdds98

            Ah, that's a good idea! I noticed a food truck pod (do you call them that?) nearby. I'm also open to takeout if that's really the best option.

        2. If I were a non-meat eater the County Line would be low on my list. I love their bread but detest their sides. Actually a vegetarian can have a decent meal at Green Mesquite, and people who like such things speak highly of their catfish. I actually had some pretty high quality moist brisket and pork ribs there a week or so ago.

          1. LA BBQ trailer seems your best bet, he can get his food elsewhere.

            1. It's not within walking distance, but Ruby's BBQ near UT campus (not Rudy's) has great vegetarian options.