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Feb 19, 2013 12:11 PM

Brunch in Quincy

Looking for a place with great food (naturally) but also comfortable for a group of 8, god parking and not to Loud. Fox and Hound looks great for atmosphere but a lone Yelp post on brunch buffet was very disappointing. Tips appreciated, not only on places but specific menu items. Thanks -

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  1. Does it need to be a buffet? One option is the Inn at Bay Pointe. It's a nice room right on the water, and the buffet is fairly decent.

    Remick's has a nice brunch, although it's not buffet style:

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      Doesn't have to be a buffet at all - usually I avoid them but this is an occasion to present a new boyfriend to 3 sisters, so needs to be quiet. Have you been to Remick's for breakfast? I am new to the area but reports seem to indicate a downward slide. Thanks for the Inn rec., it looks great.

      1. re: tomatoaday

        I haven't been to Remick's for breakfast, only for dinner twice. The last time was over 6 months ago. If it's gone downhill I wasn't aware of that.

        Inn at Bay Pointe is a nice quiet room which would be very conducive to conversation. I think you'd like it there for what you need.

        1. re: tomatoaday

          A new bf to three sisters, sounds like a challenging situation. Are you familiar with Marina Bay? If a nice day I would head here, there are several place which to choose.

          1. re: libertywharf

            Gave my older sister the choices and she chose Fox and Hound. It was ok. On the buffet was a selection of baked goods (untoasted mini bagels, cinnamon rolls, mini Danish) none that appeared made there. Cantaloupe, honeydew, strawberries, grapes. Chafers held scrambled eggs, link sausage, bacon, French toast, there was a green salad and for non breakfast, sliced roast pork with gravy, mashed potatoes, vegetables and a waaaay overcooked rigatoni with vegetables and cream sauce. Desserts were glasses of apple crisp, bread pudding and tapioca. It was cheap ($12.95 per) mediocre food, a nice room, great parking and poor service. We all ate way to much bacon. And the new boyfriend passed the audition -

            I appreciate the recs for China Pearl and will be there soon. I will be more chowish after this start - thanks for the suggestions. BTW, the best of Quincy thread has been very helpful!

            1. re: tomatoaday

              Sometimes you just have to get those mediocre places out of the way. What's. important is they all liked the new boyfriend. :)

      2. I agree with the Inn at Bay Point recommendation, nice brunch, great views and adequate parking. Based on my dinner experiences at Fox and Hound that's a place I would avoid

        1. Would you do dim sum? China Pearl would easily accommodate 8 and while parking lot gets crowded it is pretty big.

          1. I agree with the advice to avoid Fox & Hound in lieu of either dim sum or the Marina Bay options, where at least you can appreciate the water views.