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Feb 19, 2013 11:40 AM

Pizza that's real New York ?

Looking for real, old style New York Pizza - thin crust, brick oven, traditional toppings. It can be anywhere between Chinese Embassy on west side and Penn Station. Greatly disappointed on our last trip in.

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  1. Where did you go on the last trip, and what didn't you like about the pizza then?

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    1. re: iluvcookies

      We went not to far from the bus station, to a place that looked just like the great place we had been to in the past, but got slices that were just food, not a joy to the palate and soul we had experienced prior.
      Can't remember the name but will know not to go there if we see it, nice decor though.

    2. Do you mean coal oven? Old "NY" style is coal oven. It really is the newer Naples inspired places that use wood.

      Most of those coal oven places are not in the neighborhood you specified--Grimaldi's, Lombardi's, Arturo's, John's on Bleecker. And typically they are are whole pies only.

      If you want slices, you're better off going to a gas oven place.

      The neighborhood you're planning to be in (34th-42nd St, between 8th-12th Ave) is not great for pizza.

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      1. re: kathryn

        Patsy's serves slices to go, but (a) that's beside the point, as a normal eater will want to have at least one pie and (b) they're way uptown and way east.

        1. re: kathryn

          To me NY style pizza is , as you say, coal oven like the old pizza shops like the one's mentioned i.e. john's etc. or the pizza I grew up on in NY by the slice,. Places like that in Manhattan would be Patsy's in East Harlem, or Ben's, or If Joe's is still there. And as I mentioned on another thread NewPark in Howard Beach. That's old style NY by the slice.
          Oh Luzzo has mini pizzette for lunch, which is good and single serve.

        2. Not sure where the Embassy is exactly, or if you're looking for a slice place, but Midtown options include John's, Lazzara's (not too far from Penn), Don Antonio... for whole pies.

          Slices, I'm not sure about. Maybe Naples 45 or Pizza Suprema.

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          1. re: sugartoof

            The Chinese embassy is at 42nd and 12th.

            1. re: misters2

              I imagine you are referring to the Chinese Consulate on 43rd and 12th Ave. Between that location and Penn there are not many great pizza joints.

              Totally second NY Pizza Suprema. If you are looking for "authentic" New York pizza this is an excellent option. If you are seeking more Neapolitan style try Capizzi on 40th and 9th. They have a wood burning oven and make great pies.

              1. re: misters2

                OK, we tried the slices here and they were just what we were looking for. I did learn alot about NYC Pizza in the meanwhile and realize that there is great Pizza to be found, just needed to ask the Chowhounds.

                1. re: misters2

                  That was our choice, because of location and Chow input, the slices we had was the best part of our trip in. We didn't get our paperwork done so we'll be back for more.

                  1. re: zippyhaas

                    Zippyhaas, I'm glad that Pizza Suprema worked out for you, but, for this kind of style, there are far better options in the NY area. The only catch is that you have to leave Manhattan.

                    If you love pizza, coming to NY and missing out on the outer boroughs is a tremendous tragedy, imo. Manhattan is tourist pizza and it differs very little to the pizza found in anytown, USA- with a little digging, you'd probably find something comparable in your home town. It's only when you get out of Manhattan that the magic happens.

                    1. re: scott123

                      Yes, I found out that going to the boroughs would indeed find us first rate pizza but being in the area we were in and having to catch a return bus, we wanted local and quick. Yes, our slices were good, and the best part of the day as we did not have the proper paperwork for our Visas.....and so we will be back. Next time maybe a Noodle joint or another slice suggestion from you?

                      1. re: zippyhaas

                        OK, I've never been to Pizza Suprema, but if you want a great slice in Manhattan, try South Brooklyn Pizza, which despite its name is on 1st Av. between 7th and St. Marks. Get their margherita slice only, and if you have two, make both of them margherita. Patsy's in East Harlem also sells slices, but I'd really advise you to sit down and order a whole pie there. Again, get a margherita pie, and if you get a second, consider the fresh mozzarella pie but don't get anything with toppings. I haven't been there for a while, but both of these places serve what I'd call apollonian pizza - a great thin crust, a great tomato sauce, great cheese, and just enough of it.

                        Of course there's great pizza outside of Manhattan, but for that, you'll have to go to the Outer Boroughs board and the boards that cover New Jersey, Connecticut, Long Island, etc. But the suggestion that "Manhattan is tourist pizza and it differs very little to the pizza found in anytown, USA." is enough to make the mind reel. Manhattan is not poor in delicious New York-style pizza but any stretch of the imagination, though you do have to know where to go if you want really great pizza. But really, this kind of remark is just offensive and nonsensical.

                        Noodle shops are a whole different story. Do you want recommendations of Chinese places in Chinatown?

                        1. re: Pan

                          Thanks, we are coming in tomorrow and again will be between the bus terminal and the Chinese Embassy. So that puts us at 42nd Street and West to 11th Ave. and as we need to catch the return bus at 4 it does not give us much time. You can suggest something for our day trip tomorrow or something for a future day trip, Chinatown can be a full day for us. We can wander a bit by foot or subway, just can't lose track of time.

                          1. re: zippyhaas

                            If you have time between visiting the embassy and your bus, you can take the train (A/C/E) from 42nd St-Port Authority down to West 4th St, and walk to John's on Bleecker St.

                            Get a whole pie, well done, minimal toppings. Unlikely to have a line on a weekday afternoon. Then take the rest home...

                            West 4th back up to Port Authority is pretty quick.

                            1. re: kathryn

                              I wrote all of that down, we'll how how the lines are at the Embassy, that's the unknown. TY

                            2. re: zippyhaas

                              I don't know good noodle shops in that are. Sorry about that.

                        2. re: scott123

                          Gee,, I spent much of my life in the boroughs and I have not found the magic. The pizza in Manhattan is far better than anything I ever had in any of the boroughs. With one exception, Crispino's that was on Richmond Rd in Staten Island. They had the best pizza, then they tried making expensive food and went out of business.

                    2. Surprised no one mentioned Angelo's Coal Oven. It's NY style and in Midtown (albeit about 10 blocks north of your requested area) -- have half a cold pie sitting in my fridge!


                      Angelo's Pizzeria
                      117 W 57th St
                      New York, NY
                      (212) 333-4333

                      Angelo's Pizzeria
                      1043 2nd Ave
                      New York, NY
                      (212) 521-3600

                      Angelo's Pizzeria
                      1697 Broadway
                      New York, NY
                      (212) 245-8811

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                      1. re: winemonkey

                        We'll see what kind of time we have after our paperwork is done.......then we can stay local or as suggested, take a train to lower Manhattan. I like that my husband can check out their website.