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Feb 19, 2013 11:40 AM

Is Bazaar Still Worth a Visit?

Hi, I'm going to be visiting LA for Easter weekend. On Easter, I made reservations at Bazaar. After reading some mix reviews, I'm wondering if it's still a good place for dinner? I thought it would be a special occasion place, which is why I went ahead with the reservations. What do you guys think? Is there any dishes to order or to avoid?

Also, I really want to get a reservations to ink for the next night (a Monday). They don't take reservations until two weeks in advance. Any tips about making reservations here to make sure a get a spot?

And while I'm at it, any hot places in LA right now I really should try? On my tentative list to possibly check out (if I have the time since I'm there just for the weekend) is Animal, A-frame, Gjelina, Tar and Roses, and UMAMIcatessan. Let me know which ones are "must try." Thanks!

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  1. This is maybe the most underwhelming restaurant I've been to in LA. The food was not very tasty.

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      Oy, sounds like I should cancel. What would be similar in terms of a "special ocassion" spot? I'm taking my sister out for her birthday. Would Providence be better?

      1. re: singleguychef

        Yes, Providence would be considered more "special occasion" and the food is phenomenal. If you like seafood, don't miss Son of a Gun. And if you like sushi, Sushi Zo is a must.

        1. re: adelly

          Waah, so many good sounding options, my weekend is booked! I'm keeping these notes for a longer stay in LA! Thanks!

    2. I will say, after trying both Bazaar and ink, if the term "special occasion" means there is a necessity for high-end decor or "scene-y" crowd then, by all means either one will fit the bill.
      If, however, you're more interested in the best representation of the kind of food both of those places are trying to present, let me suggest you consider Red Medicine...

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      1. re: FranklinJefferson

        I just saw someone's else post about Red Medicine and started to read up on it. It actually sounds pretty exciting, so I think I might cancel Bazaar and try for a reservations there. Thanks! You're reading my mind!

        1. re: singleguychef

          Totally agree. Red Medicine has amazing and delicious food!

      2. I definitely would not consider Bazaar a special occasion place, but they have a few tasty, interesting things, particularly if you're into molecular gastronomy. On the other hand, Saam, the tasting menu experience inside Bazaar, is fun and a great way to have a crash course on all the things people typically associate with molecular gastronomy, and some solid, normal courses along the way.

        Providence and all the other things you have already looked up would provide good food (minus Umamicatessan), but their experiences are all very different, so maybe you could clarify on what you're looking for in that sense.

        Also, I have never had issues getting reservations at Ink.

        1. Red Medicine, Sotto, Gjelina for "hot places" with substance and downright delicious food. They are also more in line with your favorite Bay Area restaurants.

          Bazaar and Ink are more for show and scene.

          Depends what you're into.

          1. I just recently went back to Providence for their seasonal tasting menu and it was fantastic. It is definitely bougie and expensive, but the food, to me, is always superb. I recommend getting the seasonal tasting as opposed to the full chef's tasting.

            Do/Can you eat raw fish? If so, my absolute favorite Japanese restaurant right now is N/Naka in West LA. It's pricey as well, but a fantastic meal.