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Feb 19, 2013 11:38 AM

Where to eat near Denver airport?

I'm coming in from California for two days for a conference at a hotel near the Denver airport. Any suggestions of where to eat? I eat everything, don't care if the restaurant is a palace or a dive as long as the food is great, and don't drink. Price also not important.

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  1. DEN is pretty much surrounded by a culinary wasteland.

    Do you have a car? If so, best bet would be to drive to Aurora or just head into Denver, then your options really open up.

    1. I live near the airport (north of it near Barr Lake) and there's not a whole lot of options out here. Are you staying at one of the hotels on Tower Rd? If you are, there's very little to choose from. There is a 50's style diner (Moonlight Diner I think it's called), a Ruby Tuesday's, a Sports Bar type place (Vinny's), a Village Inn (diner type place) and an Italian place, Di Cicco's. No fast food in that area. There's a few fast food places up on 104th west of Tower Rd but you would need a car to get to them. There's also a couple generic "asian" places (the types that serve it all, sushi, chinese, thai) on 104th but they're expensive for what they are since they know they're the only game in the area that isn't fast food. There's also a few more places further south on Tower Rd, in the Green Valley Ranch area, but again nothing all that great.

      If you're staying at the hotels that are a bit further, like near where I-70 and Pena Blvd meet, there's a few more options but still nothing spectacular.

      I hope you have a car :(

      1. I'm staying at 16455 E. 40th Circle, Aurora, Colorado. I won't have a car :(

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          Hmm, well, that's better than being on Tower Rd. I pass right by that area every day on my way to work. There's a Ted's Montana Grill right there, it's just north of the Hilton Garden Inn which is the next hotel to the north of your hotel. It's a chain but it's OK (much better than the Applebee's that's next door) and you can eat buffalo there! There's also an Anthony's Pizza on the other side of 40th, they have decent New Yorkish style pizza. There's a handful of other chains like Outback, Uno's and Jimmy John's, and a few local places that just seem to be average according to reviews... a Thai/Sushi place and a Mexican place. The Thai/Sushi place seems to be OK for Thai but not so much for sushi.

          Unfortunately nothing really spectacular around there. Ted's is probably your best bet for dinner.

        2. I believe there is a Ted's Montana Grill very near your hotel.