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Is The Bazaar worth it?

Hi all,
Planning a trip this weekend to Miami. I currently have reservations for dinner at Michy's, Nobu and The Bazaar. Am I missing anything incredible? It is too late to get into NAOE, however, there is availability at Michaels Genuine. Should I trade out one of my choices, or keep as is and try Michaels for lunch? Thanks!

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  1. I personally prefer MGFD to Michy's. We were just at
    Bazaar on Saturday evening and had a fabulous meal!

    1. If you are doing Nobu to eat the black cod miso, you should just go to PB Steak instead and save money. It is the exact same dish.

      I would get rid of Nobu and Eat at Michaels Genuine.

      1. I would drop Nobu and/or add MGF&D.

        1. To answer the title of this post - YES.

          I would also drop Nobu (overrated, overpriced and you can go to Nobu in many different cities) and book MGFD. If you really want Asian/sushi go to Makoto in Bal Harbour.

          1. bazaar is incredible. sea urchin ,pasta done as paella in squid ink, stunning. fully priced but worth it.

            1. We were recently at Bazaar. Interesting but definite hits and good but not great choices. Having said that, would swap out Nobu for Michaels.

              1. Looks like you got more feedback on Nobu than Bazaar. looks like we may have even crossed paths. If you did not make, it is definitely worth the trip next time, though I personally favor the right (traditional) side of the menu more than the rest.

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                  I disagree. The very best thing is on the traditional side but aside from that, I think most killer dishes are not on the traditional side.

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                    Just curious...What do you think is the very best thing...There was lots I loved on both sides of the menu.