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Feb 19, 2013 11:01 AM

Sushi Azabu on a Sunday

Maybe the maxim is outdated, but I never have sushi on Sunday or Monday. Has anyone been to Sushi Azabu on Sunday? Just want to make sure quality wise it's still as good and fresh as other days. thanks

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    1. Many sushi restaurants are closed on sundays. Sundays is still not the best day for sushi. Even if the fish is ok , the assortment isn't going to be the best.

      1. i've been to Azabu three times on non-Sundays and it ranged from very mediocre to simply awful...i love the cuteness of the room, but i'd never eat there again...

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          I only eat there if Tirado-san (sp) is serving me. I've had mostly good meals there. The shirako and the ankimo is excellent.
          I've had one terrible sushi dinner there , but did not have Tirado-san as my chef. Greenwich Grill upstairs is an excellent restaurant.