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Feb 19, 2013 11:00 AM

Best Vegas Appetizers

Headed to Vegas in April and I'm looking for some of the best appetizers fellow chowhounders have had. As background I had a similar post a few years back looking for suggestions for an appetizer crawl. My husband and I prefer to eat at bars and find by having appetizers and moving from restaurant to restaurant we can put together our very own tasting menu. From my 09 post we got some great suggestions that have become staples in every trip we take to Vegas (bone marrow flan from cut, beef carpaccio at olives, tofu at roko, octopus at carnevino, lamb tongue at b&b to name a few). It's been a few years since our last trip (city center wasn't even open yet), so I'm looking for some can't miss appetizers for our trip. We're adventurous eaters but also appreciate a good chicken wing and beer so I'm open to any suggestions. Thanks in advance.

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  1. I love these kinds of posts! I'll be checking back to see what everyone comes up with. My recommendation would have to be the Public House in the Venetian. You'd be getting gourmet English pub appetizers (e.g. poutine with braised oxtail). I have a feeling they switch their menu every 6 months or so because I once had this Scottish egg there which was fabulous but I don't see it anymore.

    1. Wholeheartedly recommend the foie gras brulee at Sage. Great drinks too.

      1. A few of mine:

        The crispy rice with sour sausage, the black pepper garlic chicken wings, the garlic prawns (if shared with a group), and sheet-fish soup (if shared with a group) at Lotus of Siam.

        The fresh oysters with chilies at Chada Thai.

        The wontons in hot chili oil at China Noodle Cafe.

        The tofu two ways at Raku.

        1. Thanks for the reccos. Had seen the fois gras on the sage menu and thought it sounded delish. Planning on a lunch at lotus and a late nite arrival meal at raku so will add your suggestions to the list.

          1. I love your style!!! You could almost do a best of Spring Mountain crawl thing...I digress.

            Raku for the Blackened Pig Ears. Delicious little morsels. Fried agedashi tofu "soup". Always OMG delicious. And any of the Sashimi specials.

            Hot and Juicy - Dungeness crab

            China Mama - Spicy wonton in hot oil (sounds spicy but isn't really)

            LOS - Already mentioned

            Just to name a few...