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Feb 19, 2013 10:10 AM

Eating near the Galleria

We have a friend staying at the Westin Galleria and looking for a non chain restaurant to take him to. Would prefer to stay in that general area maybe traveling as far south as Royal and as far north as Beltline (no Knox Henderson no oak cliff would end up being just way to much driving) thanks for any help.

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  1. We have had wonderful luck with Kenny's Woodfire Grill. Upscale feel, yet very laid back. Located on the SW side of Beltline before the Tollway. Every dish I have had is outstanding, but the top stars for me are the crab cake and creamed spinach.

    1. I second Kenny's Woodfire Grill and have also enjoyed Kenny's Italian Kitchen off Beltline and the Tollway as well. If you like Thai food, Thai Star (off Midway in Addison) is amazing!

      1. A very short drive south from the Galleria,
        you might also consider Meso Maya in Preston Forest shopping center (N/W corner) and, Dough Pizzeria in the same shopping center. Much, much more than your average pizzeria.

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          I hate to highjack but how upscale is Kenny's Grill? We were thinking of taking some out of town guests to Stampede 66 or Nick and Sam's but I like the location and price point for Kenny's. Thanks.

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            I haven't been to Stampede 66, but I would say Kenny's Grill is slightly more upscale than Nick and Sam's "Grill" (not sure if you meant the steakhouse or grill). It has more ambiance and WONDERFUL service. There is also no pretentiousness like many other upscale places in the area. This would be a great place to take out of town guest.

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              Also, check out their Yelp reviews and pics, they're right on.

        2. Re: Nick & Sam's.
          Very elegant setting, loud & busy, and, very pricy. But, the steaks are worth it. It's one of my favorite steakhouses in Dallas.

          Nick and Sam's Grill is very "hipsterish". More of a cool, bar/bistro scene.

          That said, I think you'd be very happy with Kenny's Wood Fired Grill. Good food, less pricy, and, less pretentious.

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            Yes, we love Nick and Sam's but would like a better price point so we will try Kenny's. Thanks!

          2. Lived in the area for 14 years, and our top pick for non-chain is Canary by Georji in the same center as Kenny's Italian place (which I am NOT a fan of) on the southeast corner of Beltline/DNT. We do like Kenny's Woodfire for a few things, but Kenny's is becoming too chainified. This is a chain wasteland baby and it's hard to fight the Ben E. Keith/Sysco craze of having your food preprepped/premixed before it ever reaches the restaurant, but if you find a good one like Georji, support them!

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              I've been curious about Canary, so your recommendation will send me that way soon. Is there any items there you recommend or meh items?

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                agree ... used to work near there & had lunch there once or twice a week. the chicken would hit the grill as i walked in the door. the pomodoro sauce & tzatziki are both excellent.

                2nd floor is inside the galleria & quite nice (from the bijoux people).