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Feb 19, 2013 10:04 AM

Mercato di Vetro

Was going to try Duplex on Third which is very pretty and has an interesting menu. However, there was no one there and that made me nervous so we went and tried Mercato di Vetro. Its has a nice vibe and I was impressed with the food. Kind of reminded me of an Italian take on Mezze (which I miss). The mushroom pizza, chopped liver, kale and tuna were all very good. The lamb and skirt steak were tasty but could have been a bit hotter. Will try again.

Anyone been to Duplex?

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  1. I liked Mercato very much. Agree it has outstanding pizza and I get the Mezze reference. Mezze was unique. Have not tried Duplex. Menu looks interesting. AOC opened on the same block.