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Feb 19, 2013 09:26 AM

Bday Dinner in March, Want to Try Something New in Montreal

Heading to Montreal again for a birthday celebration dinner for 2 in March. Here's where we've eaten in Montreal in past years -- Joe Beef, Garde Manger, Ferreira, DNA, Graziella, Monsieur B, Bistro La Fabrique, Holder. We are partial to Graziella but also wanted to try new place, and wanted suggestions about list below, good/bad/indifferent:

Bouillon Bilk
Chez L'Epicier
Nora Grey
Les 400 Coups (reservations limited on night we in town)

Of that list, which is tops, or bottom, or avoid.

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  1. Les 400 Coups is rightfully busy on that night as it is probably the best. Bouillon Bilk is also quite good as is Nora Gray

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    1. re: juliangen

      Best of both worlds: meal at Bouillon Bilk and dessert at Les 400 Coups... But can you eat just dessert there?

    2. With the exception of moving Bouillon Bilk closer to the top and hambar towards the bottom, I'd probably order them exactly the opposite of how you have them listed above. I've not been to Sinclair but I'm also not in a rush to try it. Grenadines I've not been to in years but I used to like it a lot! Unless 400 coups only has 5 pm tables I'd aim to dine there. If you liked Joe Beef and DNA in the past, maybe consider Maison Publique. I see this as an amalgamation of these two restaurants in some ways.

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        Thanks Fintastic. I have two 8 pm reservations right now, Boullion Bilk & Graziella. Les Coups only has 930 & better half says too late. Shud call Nora.

      2. Note: Grenadine is a BYOB.