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Feb 19, 2013 09:18 AM

York Mills and Leslie?

Going to be spending a week or so in this area.. Any reco's? (I'm not familiar with this area - at all).

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Galleria Supermarket has a food court type thing. Good for some meals. Mom's Chicken (inside) is in there for some k-fried chicken. It's saucy. Takes a while, so browse the groceries while you wait. I also like their baked goods section. Sesame tapioca balls are yummy.

    There's Island Foods on Don Mills, south of YM.

    And then you can check out Linda over at Don Mills and Lawrence. I recall you mentioning in another thread you've been meaning to get over there.

    Congee Queen is at DM and Lawrence too. Turnip cakes are good! Sometimes better, sometimes worse though. Decent, quick, Chinese (canto).

    Taro's Fish on Sheppard, West of Leslie. I don't know if I love, but others do. You can get sushi, sashimi, and other cooked JP foods here.

    Yonge & Finch has Hot Hot Spicy (sichuan) I think still. And if you go early, Paradise should have dim sum happy hour. There's a bakery (Glouster?) in here too you could snag some buns from.

    High Street Fish & Chips - I love their Melton Mowbray pie (cold). They're in a little plaza North of Lawrence and West of Vic Park.

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    1. re: jlunar

      Awesome. Thanks Jen! You and Jo recommended Mom's chicken. I think I'll pay them a visit tomorrow.

      1. re: jlunar

        Just a small correction, Hot Spicy Spicy, Paradise and Gloucester are in a plaza located at Leslie and Finch, not Yonge and Finch.

        Agree with Mom's Chicken at Galleria, it's so yummy (and messy)!

        1. re: sumashi

          GOOD CATCH. Ooops. Thanks Sumashi. I totally meant Leslie and Finch!

        2. re: jlunar

          I tried to go to Galleria today for the KFC but for whatever reason they had just "changed the oil" and it would be an hour for the chicken - so, short on time, I just went to 5G again. Fwiw, the service is really friendly there. My burger was better than the the previous days', as were the fries.

          1. re: jlunar

            So I made my way to Galleria, and... well...

            You know when Chris Farley played the lost tourist in Japan?


            That felt very... familiar (and equally hilarious).

            I ended up with a ton of chicken, some drinks, some other stuff that I didn't know what it was... and no one knew what "vegetables" meant. Ha. Then people were walking by staring at my 10 tons of chicken wondering why someone would possibly want to try and eat that alone... with 4 pops (one of which I'd purchased separately) It was.. awesome. :)

            Back to the chicken, I thought it was delicious. County General is also serving KFC (and have been for a few months), has tried it for comparison's sake? (it's also served with delicious steamed milk buns).

            In any case, I'm definitely going to need a guide next time. That place is a gold mine!

            1. re: justxpete

              That's the funniest thing I've read in a long time. Glad you enjoyed the chicken. And yes, Galleria is awesome, worth some time to wander the aisles and buy odd-looking things that you have no idea about. :)

              1. re: justxpete

                Is the Galleria on York Mills the same as the Galleria @ Yonge and Steeles?

                  1. re: magic

                    Good to know, because I want to try that chicken now :) Boy does that sound yummy!!

                    1. re: kwass

                      It sure does. Been to Galleria many times but never had that chicken. Will have to fix that oversight.

                1. re: justxpete

                  HAHahaha! Glad you enjoyed. It's a fun time at Galleria - there are a lot of random things you'd not expect to see, but is totally NABD for Koreans.

              2. i think there's a taco bell at fairview mall at least there used to be in high school

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                1. re: disgusti

                  Good call... there's also a McDonalds here too, which I'll also never visit, unless it and Holy Chuck are the only places open in TO. :)

                2. The 5 Guys between Leslie and DM is one of the good ones. At least, that's from my couple visits. As well, I like the Mr. Greek beside the tracks. Not great Greek food but will certainly do in a pinch.


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                  1. re: Davwud

                    I had 5 guys today - wasn't feeling overly adventurous (see twitter). 5G reminds me of a high end version of Burger King (which I haven't had for years). But the texture, bun and consistency all seem familiar. Perhaps that's what they were targeting?

                    I do like it better than HC, though. I think I'm going to give HC a third and final try.

                    1. re: justxpete

                      I'm not a burger guy, but the above-mentioned branch of Five Guys - in the same plaza as Galleria Supermarket - gets high marks from those I know who ARE burger guys. Kinda expensive, though.

                      Also in that plaza is Dragon Pearl, a huge buffet (if buffets are your thing) and a good one, as buffets go - one with an Asian slant. Once you get the hang of it - many many choices, some better than others - you can do quite well in there. Well-run. It's $13 (a.k.a. $12.99), if I recall, for lunch (20% off for seniors) - much better value than Five Guys. Wider range of dishes at dinner.

                      I also like Congee Queen, a good mid-level Chinese choice. Good lunch deals include a first-rate hot and sour soup. And the mid-level Sun Star, on Finch between Bayview and Leslie, with a slightly more sophisticated menu - and, in my view, a more knowledgeable clientele - than Congee Queen. Both are solid, though. I've never much cared for the above-mentioned Hot Spicy Spicy - in the all-Asian plaza at Finch and Leslie - and I ordinarily like most things spicy. Maybe I've just picked the wrong dishes, and can't be bothered with even more visits trying to identify the right ones. A kinda bleak space.

                      If you venture into Bayview Village (Bayview and Sheppard) for lunch, your best bet is the chained Aroma Cafe, with good sandwiches, soups and coffee. A tad overpriced, but then, so are all the other eateries in that upscale mall. Have to make back the high rent, I guess.

                      1. re: juno

                        Make that a 3rd endorsement of Congee Queen.

                  2. Well, I am going to boldly step out and recommend What A Bagel! in the Longo's plaza on the northeast corner of York Mills and Leslie. Not Montreal style bagels, so don't get excited, but their bagels are regularly falling off the oven conveyor, and they are delicious freshly baked. They will also make decent, but basic, sandwiches at the counter. Some of the baked goods are underwhelming, but I have a thing for the pecan bars. Not runny, not really pecan pie-ish, but I just like them.

                    Also, Shirini Sara at 1875 Leslie Street. Please go and enjoy! Amazing cream puffs, with real cream. Fabulous cookies. Just great stuff that I believe is now being sold in higher end stores, not just at their home bake shop. Here's their website:


                    For a quick slice, I like Pizzaiolo, in the Galleria plaza.

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                    1. re: Full tummy

                      Shirini Sara is great! They sell their stuff at Pusateri's (Bayview for sure). Love their cookies.

                      1. re: jlunar

                        Shirini Sara is my go-to place also.
                        Pick up a box of their (imported) dates from Bam. Half the price of the less-complex tasting dates we commonly get from California.
                        But they no longer carry the boxes of 'candy disks' - various flavours, including saffron, - in fact can't find these in any of the Persian shops on Yonge (near Steeles). Has anyone seen them elsewhere?
                        +1 for their cookies!

                        1. re: jlunar

                          Wow, I never knew about this place at all. Will have to give it a try!

                        2. re: Full tummy

                          Ah yes, What a Bagel!, and one of the better outposts of that chain. I'd forgotten about that place in my earlier post. Just a few steps from the Longo's supermarket. Tasty bagels, because they're invariably fresh-baked. An ideal quick, inexpensive lunch on a bagel - I'm partial to the cream cheese filling.

                          Didn't know about Shirini Sara, though. I must inspect those cream puffs.

                          1. re: Full tummy

                            What's wrong with recommending What-A-Bagel? They're the supplier for Carousel "Bakery" at the SLM.

                            1. re: Googs

                              Agreed. I quite like What-A-Bagel.

                              1. re: Googs

                                I was hoping not to stir up Chowhound Ontario Bagel Battle XVII or something like that, hahaha.

                              2. If you care for Thai, I'd recommend Kinnaree - a little further east (Ellesmere/Victoria Park). I find they're more authentic than Linda (Don Mills/Lawrence).

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                                1. re: knusprig

                                  I don't care (well, actually I do care a little) about authenticity.
                                  I just want it to taste great.
                                  What are the best dishes at Kinnaree?

                                  1. re: estufarian

                                    I went for the first time last year from smfan's rec here on chowhound. My mom and I really liked the mango salad appetizer they make.

                                    1. re: estufarian

                                      Our family's favourite is mango salad. We always order dishes to share taking into consideration peanut allergy and how much 'heat' one can take to minimize heartburn. I cannot tell which are the best dishes. I found the dishes really have south east asian spices/flavour, and thick coconut milk where it belongs.

                                    2. re: knusprig

                                      Yeah, dish on the Kinnaree wouldya? That one's flown under my radar despite being really close to home. Must find good Thai!!!

                                      1. re: knusprig

                                        Does Kinnaree serve beer and wine?

                                        1. re: knusprig

                                          Scrap my last question. The online menu shows beer and wine. Besides... I'm so excited that there's a Thai restaurant nearby that's JUST Thai and not plus Chinese or plus Malaysian or whatever that I pretty much have to try it.

                                          1. re: knusprig

                                            I've heard good things about this place from someone who is a Sukhothai fanatic, so it must be pretty good lol. I'll have to give this place a try myself soon.

                                            1. re: pakmode

                                              Beau and I had delivery from Kinnaree Thai recently. It was really very good. We'll be taking a seat at the restaurant very soon.