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Feb 19, 2013 08:56 AM

Best Local Brews you can't get anywhere else, and Best Lobster Mac&Cheese

Ok, comin' up to Boston March 1st, barring bad weather, where can I find the best Lobster Mac & Cheese?
Also, what is the best local, can't find this outside of MA brews to try?

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  1. In terms of beer, I can't say I have a great sense of what's available outside of the state. That being said, we do have a number of great local beers. Some of my favorite local brewers are Pretty Things, Mystic and Jacks Abby (though there are many more great local brewers). I'd maybe suggest hitting one of our better beer spots, as that should give you a chance to try a few. In my opinion, the best spots are Lord Hobo, Publick House and Deep Ellum. There are quite a few threads talking about beer, so a search might yield some ideas.

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      Add Cambridge Brewing Company: most beers are available only at the brewpub, and many are world-class. A quick walk from Lord Hobo, if you're making a day of it.

    2. The Red Parrot in Hull has the best lobster mac and cheese I've ever had. It's not just the mac and cheese (which is great) but the quality of the lobster. It's truly outstanding. We try lobster mac and cheese almost everywhere we see it on the menu.

      I am also a fan of the Fat Cat's lobster mac and cheese, but given a choice, Red Parrot would win.

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        It has been a long time since I have seen a positive post on the Red Parrot. Guess I'm feeling curious since years ago I really enjoyed the place. The Red Parrot had taken such a nose dive the food was horrendous and I never understood how they could go so wrong. So I'm wondering what changes have taken place to get them back on track. I "may" think about giving the a visit.

        1. re: Pegmeister

          It's worth a visit for the lobster mac and cheese, but I can't say much about anything else on the menu. I think we tried nachos one time and the food I've seen waitstaff carrying looks good. The food is adequate. But the mac and cheese, a glass of wine and the view are nice combination on a stormy Sunday.

          1. re: Big Momma

            Thanks. They do have great views. We used to like to do the same. I thought there may have been changes inthe kitchen.

          2. re: Pegmeister

            Is the Red Parrot the place that was on GRamsay's Kitchen Nightmares?

            1. re: C. Hamster

              No, that was Barefoot Bob's. The Red Parrot has a large dining room with great views of the beach. Years ago their menu was creative and the food was quite good. They had a spicy shrimp dish in which the shrimp was served in a homemade salsa with a pool of sour cream sauce on top of southwestern style rice that was phenomenal. Then they suddenly went down hill. When I saw the positive post I was hoping someone would say oh yea they're under new management and the old chef is back, but no!!!!

              1. re: Pegmeister

                Which place there has a casual downstairs and an upstairs with a deck?

                1. re: C. Hamster

                  RedParrot has a large dining room in the front of the building. The bar/lounge is on a lower level a few steps down from the dining room. They have a large upstairs deck as well as a deck on the side.

                  1. re: Pegmeister

                    I haven't been to the Red Parrot for over a year, but I always liked their lobster bisque(when they have it). In addition to ordering it to eat there, I usually get a bowl to go.

        2. Flatbread Company in Davis Sq. Somerville has historically focused exclusively on MA/local beers (Jack's Abby, Clown Shoes, Wormtown, Pretty Things, Cape Ann, etc). They also have options from other New England states (Baxter, 'Gansett, Allagash?). There are probably better overall tap lists elsewhere in the city, but if the focus is purely on local brews, this would be a pretty good choice.

          They don't serve Lobster Mac & Cheese (or any Mac & Cheese), but there are plenty of other restuarants in Davis Sq, pehaps someone else might be able to recommend a good LM&C in the Sq.

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            +1 on Flatbread. That's a really good thought. I always forget their list is mostly (all?) local.

          2. Amrheins in South Boston does a nice Lobster Mac but the rest of the menu is hit or miss. If you were looking to bring home some bottles of the local stuff, Social Wines & Spirits which is next door has a great selection of local beers. In addition to the breweries named, I'd suggest seeking out any of the Night Shift Brewery beers. Very unique and well executed brews.

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            1. re: joth68

              Cognac Bistro in Brookline - great raw bar too.

            2. Cambridge brewing company is probably your best bet for beers you can't get anywhere else.

              Also Lord Hobo and Deep Ellum will both have some Pretty Things and maybe some Mystic beers on tap.

              I think The Publick House has lobster mac n cheese on its menu (at least it used to) - can't vouch for the quality since I've never tried, but will vouch for the quality of the craft beers they offer.

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              1. re: LStaff

                Agree with Publick House rec if OP wants to find both requests in the same place, and wants/needs T accessible. Although, CBC is another great option for local beer (unsure whether mac n cheese is on current menu however).