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Feb 19, 2013 08:02 AM

Tomato pulp ideas?

My mom and I made a bunch of stuffed grape tomatoes for a party. I saved the tomato innards just to see if there was something interesting I could do with it. Backup plan is to toss it :) There's a snack bag full, with the seeds, juice, gelly/pulpy stuff, and some of the inner rib flesh. I could toss it in a smoothie or soup, of course, but does anybody have ideas for something where it's more of a focus? I thought of maybe adding it to a white sauce, or mixing it with something (lemon and mayo? hummus?) to go with half an avocado I have. Any other ideas? It's just a little scrap, but I thought it'd be fun to throw out there.

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  1. I'd push thru seive (to get rid of seeds) and freeze the liquid. Then add to next soup, chili, or stew I made.

    1. You could cook it down to thicken it. Taste and season however you want. Add to your next tomato-based sauce or soup or spread on crostini.

      1. warm it with some butter and scramble some eggs in it.

        1. If you are open to drink ideas, I strain the tomato gel and mix the resulting tomato "water" with vodka, horseradish, lemon juice, tabasco and worcestershire sauce. The names "bloodless mary," "proud mary," "hail mary" and "pale mary" all seem to be taken, so I don't know what to call it. But it's good.

          1. to me,
            the highest and best use would be minestrone soup,
            followed by tomato/beet borscht
            followed by vegetarian chili
            followed by making a ranchera sauce.

            these are far from innovative ideas, but still, they would be my top picks.