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Feb 19, 2013 07:55 AM

One day in Paris (with kids)

I'm sorry if this has been asked and answered a million times, but my searches didn't give me quite what I needed. I'm afraid I need a fair amount of hand holding!

We have a one day trip to Paris from London on the Eurostar. We're planning a Griswold/European Vacation speed tour of the city and fully understand that is not an ideal way to do things.

We'll need a lunch near the Eiffel Tower and an early (5:30ish) dinner near the Louvre. Would be great if recommendations were within walking distance.

We have 2 adventurous eaters and 2 not-so, with one being fairly picky (8 year old boy - loves cheese, cheese, and cheese, but it must be orange. God help us all. He will eat oysters, mussels and blue crab, so he is branching out, but still likes everything "plain".)

Any suggestions are most appreciated. Oh - and we're going mid-week in mid-March.

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  1. I don't have anything specific, but some points to consider:

    There is not much orange cheese in France. It's emmental, for the most part -- if it's orange, it's likely mimolette, which is a fairly pungent orange cheese from Holland, and fairly uncommon in cooked dishes in France.

    At 5h30 pm, you'll be restricted to a cafe or bistro - look for "service continue" -- means that they don't close between lunch and dinner, as is the norm.

    You might also consider ducking into a shop and picking up things for a picnic on the train -- then you *might* be able to find sliced cheddar cheese.

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      Thank you! And he proved me wrong just two minutes ago, eating "white" cheese. I think it must just be fairly mild.

      Thank you the tips - I think the picnic on the train might be just the thing. It would certainly help with my anxiety about getting back to the train station in time. (We are on the 8:00 p.m. (20:00) train)

      1. re: dubtrub

        and it would save you some significant time, too (and the kids just might eat something a little different, just in the fun of having a picnic on the train!)

    2. Ok, you are correct; it's been asked a million times and I'll give you my stock million + one answer.
      Eat where you want; I've been doing this for 50 some years with kids from birth to 50 yo.
      The trick is not where you go, but what you bring with you - French folk won't take kids or dogs out unless they behave; the rest of us bring stickers, crayons, books, Game-Boys, jump-ropes, Kindles, depending.
      OK: Lunch near the Eiffel Tower: Cafe Constant or his Cocottes (he has young kids, he loves 'em); At the Cafe for 6 is it?; show up early, 12 noon.
      5:30 near the Louvre, OK, the Brasserie du Louvre (not fine dining mind you but what is around there?) has Drunch starting at 3 PM; "drunch" -never heard of it? Oh my, there were such discussions about what to call eating between lunch and dinner that my head spun. And most hotels down there (you see, I'm a hick) have bar menus in between the major services. There's a cool place in good weather, the Saut du Loup in/outside the Musee des Arts Dec, open 12-12 which has OK, not great food but where kids can run/etc. Inside is OK but not so cool.

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