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Sparerib ideas, not bbq?

Have a slab of frozen pork spareribs need ideas on cooking in the oven, not bbq.

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  1. Braise in the oven with some soy sauce, star anise, red wine, ginger, garlic and leeks.

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      I would say you need something sweet in there. Either some sort of juice (orange??) honey, maple syrup or something of that ilk.


    2. Take off silverskin on interior. Trim bacon flat so you only have ribs. Put on dry rub of your choice. Put ribs standing up in a casserole or bowl to fit. Bake for one hour in 350 deg oven. Pour off grease. Stuff center of ribs with a fairly wet stuffing mix. Bake for twenty or thirty minutes so stuffing is cooked through.

      Congratulations. You now have a very economical crown roast. Garnish bones with frilly paper hats.

      1. My mother used to make spare ribs in sauerkraut dish. I haven't had it in years, but you have inspired me to try it on my own.

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          I've done this as well. It's delish.

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            in Baden-Wurttemburg, it was cooked in a local dry white wine. Sometimes with some carraway. Rinse the kraut first.

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            That's a classic Eastern European prep. My Polish Grandmother used to love to make those. Probably, because they're quite simple. Here's a version (seasonings can vary):


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              Spareribs and sauerkraut is Dagwood Bumstead's favorite dish. I know I'm dating myself here.

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                I would've thought the Dagwood sandwiches he kept making would've been his favourite dish!

            2. I have actually used this recipe, the first version. They come out delicious and fall off the bone.


              1. remove silverskin from rib side of slab
                Coat the entire slab with mayonnaise (your choice)
                Add salt and pepper
                Wrap in aluminum foil
                Bake in 350 degree oven for about 1 hour
                Open foil packet and let brown a little bit in hot oven

                Cut and serve with sauce of your choice on the side

                Yumm! Moist & tender!

                1. This is my absolute favorite way to flavor spare ribs. It's a chinese style recipe. I'm sure it could somehow be modified to make in the oven with the same ingredients. Maybe marinate as instructed then bake, basting with sauce. http://www.bigoven.com/recipe/172695/...

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                    Thanks, just added to pepperplate... with a note to brown the ribs in a very hot oven instead of deep frying. Sounds really good, and I've been in a rib rub rut. :-)

                  2. This is a different way to look at ribs - cooked in tomato sauce and served over rigatoni. Sometimes bake it in the oven in my Dutch oven.


                    It is so good, and messy fun to eat. The full recipe makes a ton, so you might want to halve it unless you are feeding a crowd.

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                      I 2nd this recipe. Juicy, succulent, fall-off-the-bone goodness. The cherry peppers are key.

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                        Good point about the peppers. I made this for my parents once and cut the peppers down (to 2) to accomodate their tastes and the dish felt far heavier.

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                          I agree that this is a great recipe. It does make a ton, but I thought it was still really good re-heated, rigatoni and all.

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                        Just added that one to Pepperplate. It sounds fantastic.

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                          Cooking Illustrated had a recipe for Sunday Gravy which used spareribs... will try to track down issue.

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                            This one is in the oven now. Thank you, Ellen, for reminding me I hadn't made it this winter!

                          2. Delicious ideas here! Thanks all!

                            1. I love these spare ribs roasted with vinegar and red pepper from Lidia Bastianich. I was deeply suspicious of the high temp but a friend highly recommended the recipe and I have made it twice and loved it. For me, I use equal parts wine and vinegar (3/4 cup), use pomegranate molasses instead of honey because it is less sweet, and the step after glazing is more like 40 to 50 minutes, not the 20 she says.

                              1. These chinese spareribs with teriyaki glaze from Tyler Florence are really good.

                                1. Although I am not Italian, I relatives who are. Sunday Italian Dinner is a good use of pork ribs. Here's a recipe that works:


                                  1. Asians have a lot of ways to use spare ribs, this is one of my favorites. I do like to add some spice in here by using thai chilies... but red pepper flakes will work in a pinch. I also like like shaoxing wine or dry sherry for body... red wine will work perfectly fine as well. A little honey or hoisin sauce as well. No leeks for me.

                                    1. I remove the membrane, then season them with a dry rub I make. I wrap them plastic wrap and let them marinate in the dry rub over night. The next day, I baby backs on a rack on a baking sheet and let them slow roast in a 250 degree oven for 3 hours. Then I wrap them in aluminum foil and place them back in the oven for 1 more hour. Finally, I open the pouches, glaze the racks with barbecue sauce, turn the oven up to 300 degrees and place the ribs in the oven for 5 minutes to get a sticky sweet coating.

                                      1. I have never made this, but at a great NY Chinatown restaurant, I once had the most delicious dish of braised spare ribs (cut into short pieces) with kabocha squash. The flavors and texture contrast was wonderful. Maybe something like this, subbing the squash chunks for carrot: http://uberube.wordpress.com/2011/09/...

                                        1. As far as flavoring, herbes-de-Provence are a surprising but excellent choice.

                                          1. Pressure cooker! Cut the ribs into individual bones, dry rub, sear, then pressure cook in hoppy beer (steamer rack holding the ribs out of the beer) for 45 min. they will be so tender they will disintegrate if you aren't careful pulling them out. Coat with favorite bbq sauce, and broil or bake at 450 till the sauce bubbles and gets sticky. Works best with babyback ribs, but spare ribs will work fine if you have a big enough pot. Beef shortribs are great this way too.