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Feb 19, 2013 07:05 AM

Popeye's in Salem NH!?!?!?

I just looked on their website and they're showing a location at 481 S Broadway!!! Has anyone been there yet?

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  1. Yes twice, very good, never quite as spicy as down south, but delish. They have managed to mess up my order both times but I'll live with it. Both times it was very busy and parking lot was nuts. Get over there. It's in the old KFC location just north of Lowes.

    1. It was just okay. Was underwelmed and I thought the chicken was bland.

        1. I tried the spicy, and YEOW, it was so spicy after the first bite I kept grabbing my water bottle. Definitely not what I was expecting. I tried the mild and liked it much more. Hands down much better than KFC.

          1. Just found out a Popeyes opened in Chelmsford! That's even easier to get to :)

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              I just noticed the other day there was one on Drum Hill. Glad its just out of reach for lunch (well my doctor and my wife are glad anyway).

              1. re: LStaff

                I went there today. Yum. Way too close and tempting though :)