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Feb 19, 2013 06:50 AM

Homemade Burritos with Buckwheat Tortilla

I tried making a homemade torilla using 1/2 buckwheat flour, 1/2 white all purpose flour & a little baking powder. It came out like a pancake and broke up when trying to form a burrito.

Does anybody know how to make this more durable?

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  1. In my limited experience, home made flour tortillas aren't suitable for wrapping like a burrito. It takes a lot of practice to make something that is thin enough, flexible, and large enough to wrap. And that's just using ap flour. However adding oil or shortening to the dough makes it easier to work. Adding a nongluten flour like buckwheat will make the job harder.

    1. From personal experience with homemade tortillas, I find that they come out quite crisp straight off the griddle... If I want to wrap something up in them, they do well once they've steamed a bit. Try stacking them in a tortilla holder or wrapped in foil... any excess moisture released as they cool will soften up the whole stack. Those of you with microwaves can stack them, wrap in a damp paper towl or cotton cloth, and give them a zap for a couple of seconds. Hope that helps!

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          The 2nd link on that search is this thread (at least for me).

          One link is for a recipe that looks more like a buckwheat crepe - which isn't a bad idea.

          1. re: paulj

            It is the third for me, what difference when this thread appears makes is a mystery to me. Perhaps you understand Google's algorithm better than I do.
            Regardless the many other hits give the poster some where to start since they have recipes.

        2. Thanks, these ideas help.