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Feb 19, 2013 05:58 AM

Who are the other guys?

I recognize Anthony Bourdain, David McMillan and Normand Laprise. But who are the other guys? And when did they start serving wine in glasses at hockey games?

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  1. Guy in black is Martin Picard (I think)
    the other one, I don't know

    They serve whatever you want when you have the chance to be seating in a private box.

    1. Fred Morin in-between Laprise and McMillan.

      1. Back:Anthony Bourdain, David McMillan (joe beef), Frederic Morin (joe beef), Nomard Laprise (Toque)

        Front: chef de cuisine, cabane a sucre APDC (i think), Martin Picard (APDC)

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        1. re: CaptCrunch

          Next to Martin Picard is Marc Beaudin, longtime manager & associate at PDC...

        2. Is he shooting another show in Montreal or just chillin with his chef buddies?

          1. I think he has a shoot with david & fred. A train thing in the west of canada if i remember correctly.