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Who are the other guys?

I recognize Anthony Bourdain, David McMillan and Normand Laprise. But who are the other guys? And when did they start serving wine in glasses at hockey games?

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  1. Guy in black is Martin Picard (I think)
    the other one, I don't know

    They serve whatever you want when you have the chance to be seating in a private box.

    1. Fred Morin in-between Laprise and McMillan.

      1. Back:Anthony Bourdain, David McMillan (joe beef), Frederic Morin (joe beef), Nomard Laprise (Toque)

        Front: chef de cuisine, cabane a sucre APDC (i think), Martin Picard (APDC)

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          Next to Martin Picard is Marc Beaudin, longtime manager & associate at PDC...

        2. Is he shooting another show in Montreal or just chillin with his chef buddies?

          1. I think he has a shoot with david & fred. A train thing in the west of canada if i remember correctly.

            1. Thanks everyone, I did not recognize Martin Picard.

                1. re: mtlalex

                  JoeBeef, Bourdain's Twitter feeds. Looks like they were at the hockey game last night in a box.

                2. They were (at least Bourdain and McMillan) at the Carnaval de Quebec last weekend as seen from their twitter posts.

                  1. You can drink whatever you want when you are in a luxury box.

                    1. Don't mind me, I'm just gonna go creep outside Big in Japan with my copy of Kitchen Confidential and a sharpie all night, lol

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                          Ifn you strike out or the sharpie runs dry too early, Tony is bringing his Guts&Glory tour to Place des Arts May 05

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                                In a similar vain...
                                the NY Times had a scathing (and I'm being generous) review on Guy's American Kitchen & Bar Times Square. I first thought it a joke, but no, its a real "review" (cringe)

                                And speaking of which...
                                kinda old news (oct 2012), Guy Fieri was at a Bourdain roast and some of the one-liners were pretty good

                                1. re: porker

                                  I saw the review. I'm guessing it inspired the spoof menu. Gotta love a review written all in rhetorical questions.

                                  Heard about the roast, that apparently it turned more into a Fieri roast. Reading the quotes, they weren't kidding!