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Feb 19, 2013 05:49 AM

Late night torture

I'm starting to think that food is way too on my mind. Hopefully someone else does this and I'm not totally whack.

Do any of you have sudden food epiphanies late at night when there isn't much you can do about it? I often get ideas when I'm in bed and it's obviously not the time to be making dinner. Last night, I had a soup idea that absolutely tortured me and kept me awake. I just wanted to jump out of bed and fix it right then.

Hopefully I'm not alone in this. :/

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  1. Yes, absolutely. I regularly want to bake or cook something ridiculous, usually out of the blue, often sometime between 11:00pm and midnight. Add to that, most likely on a worknight.

    Never anything simple that would take 5 minutes either. Always something that is a bit more involved.

    1. Do you mean an epiphany to create a dish or an urge to eat something? I have the latter, but not the former. It sounds like you are talking about the former. I guess I never have the feeling that I have to cook or bake at a particular moment.

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        More the urge to make something than to consume it. I figure late night munchies are pretty common, and maybe a little easier to deal with unless you're craving something specific. PBJs are usually my go-to midnight snack.

        1. re: Kontxesi

          Thanks. To your specific question, my answer would probably be a no. I don't think I ever had the urge so strong that I cannot wait until the next day to execute it. There are probably a few exception where I was testing a new recipe, and I was going back and forth to refine my baking ingredients. In which case, I really want to do some back to back comparison and was willing to stay up late to make multiple batches of different ratios. However, those are on-going processes, not sudden food epiphanies.

      2. As others said, it sounds like you are thinking about cooking, not eating. I have the same problem, but it is about home decorating projects. I send myself an e-mail so I'll remember in the a.m. A few of them have even turned out to be good ideas!

        If it is eating (or maybe even if it is cooking) one thing that might be causing it is TV commercials or cooking shows. Now, if I see an ad for Sonic burgers at 11 p.m., it just turns my stomach. But if I see an ad for something that looks wonderful, or a good cooking show, all of a sudden I can't stop thinking about that particular food and where I might get it (without getting out of bed, of course!).

        1. not so much the idea and urge to cook it right now, but very likely wondering about what to have for dinner the next night or in a few days when I'm having people over or a potluck coming up. i don't feel the need to dash off to the grocery store right then and there (usually) but i find myself making a mental grocery list and revising it. on occasion i go as far as getting up and writing it down or making myself a note on the computer, as 'just visiting' suggested.

          1. I do find that my brain takes over and races about things that are at the forefront of my mind late at night, when I don't have lots of other things occupying my attention. That said, cooking rarely makes an appearance, unless I'm having a party, but I have a lot of other things that win the race.

            Perhaps you could keep the pad of paper next to your bed where you can write down your idea (or whatever you use to take notes, because I just heard 75% of you laugh at a pad of paper!), and then you'll know the idea will be there the next day and you'll be able to set it aside and sleep.