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Feb 19, 2013 05:11 AM

Great desserts on Upper East Side

Going out to dinner this weekend with a visitor on the Upper East Side but not thrilled with the dessert options. Want to take my guest out for a great dessert - preferably something in the 60s-70s. Nothing too extravagant (like a dessert tasting menu).

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  1. The problem is... most good dessert places in New York are closed too early. Lady M is closed at 7PM. FP Patisserie at 8PM. So by the time you want some desserts after dinner, these places will be closed.

    That said, I recommend Le Moulin a Cafe at 1439 York Ave (near 76th Street), whose pastries I heard are from Almondine. They are open until 9PM (8PM on Sundays).

    Another option could be Sant Ambroeus at 1000 Madison Ave (near 77th Street). This is a restaurant and cafe, as you may already know, and they have good Italian pastries offered at the cafe section. They are open until 11PM.

    If you are willing to come down to Columbus Circle, there is a new place right next to Per Se, called Center Bar. Good cocktails and desserts available. They are open until 1AM.

    Since you don't want any dessert tasting, Picholine won't fit in (It is located on the UWS too), although I love their late night three-course dessert tasting menu including dessert amuse-bouches and petit fours for $32.

    1. Maybe the newly opened Maison Kayser? I think they stay open until 11pm.

      Cafe Sabarsky stays open until 9pm, I believe.

        1. I think one of the best desserts I've had in New York is the "monster chocolate chip cookie" at Vero Wine Bar at 1483 2nd Avenue (I think in the 70s). I always try to go there when I'm in New York.