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Feb 19, 2013 03:24 AM

More problems for Stew Leonard, Sr.

Rough waters ahead for the founder of the world's happiest supermarket.

Stew Leonard, Sr, 83, founder of of the famous Stew Leonard's grocery store empire, faces charges in a boating death.

In past news, in 1993, he got a 52-month sentence for an elaborate tax fraud scheme where he set up a dummy cash register on Sundays and funneled the proceeds to the Caymans. (He took the fall to cover for his son Stew, Jr.).

A few years after that Stew Leonard's was fined for deliberately cheating customers by short-weighting products.

Stew's on Wikipedia:

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  1. Whoa. Hadn't heard about the dummy cash register situation OR the short-weighing of products.

    1. The short weighting of products was disproven in court. The media never reported this because the story was not as juicy. The only crime occurred against the IRS. He paid his debt to society, for 5 years leaving behind his family, 2000 employees who relied on him for a paycheck and paid 19 million in fines. Stew Leonard's has also donated 10's of millions of dollars to charity. To paint him as an evil man is far from accurate, he's done more for his community than most men ever will.

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      1. re: willyfood

        Not to mention that awesome soft-serve.

      2. Hmmm...if the victim and his wife knew of the bad conditions and small craft advisory, why did they choose to go out with him?

        1. This is a civil suit. They were all friends. The widow is rich, her husband will remain dead. Small craft advisories don't apply to 70 ft. boats. What does she want? I'll wager he prevails, if he lives through it. He's 84.

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          1. re: Veggo

            It's obvious she thinks she can use his public name to try and force a settlement with the insurance company . Stew could have easily done this, my bet is he's fighting this out of principle because he knows he is right. His son was on the boat too, and bob was his friend. Let's be real she is being greedy, and her lawyer and the media is looking to dredge up the past in order to try and sway public opinion. In a nutshell everything that is wrong with our legal system is going on here.

            1. re: willyfood

              Everything, you are right. All it accomplishes is more stress to distressed parties. Very wrong.

          2. Don't mess with that family. It probably went down like this: