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Feb 19, 2013 01:10 AM

Solo ribeye steak in Manhattan

Hey all,

Staying in Manhattan for two days, I'm looking for the best ribeye for a solo diner.

I know theres plenty of amazing places (Peter Lugers, Strip House, Keens, Del Friscos, Palm, Wolfgangs, etc etc.) but due to the fact that I'm solo (no need for 2-people porterhouses) without lead time for a reservation (Peter Lugers), I'm looking for some recommendations.

Without much concern for ambiance/sides/drinks... just looking for the best ribeye with no frills. Ideas?

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  1. I recently had Ribeye on the bone at the Landmarc in the Time Warner Center-it was hands down one of my best steaks in my life!!

    1. If you want a good ribeye without a lot of fuss, I have found the bar at Del Frisco's to be ideal. Great for solo dining with a great steak.

      1. Sea Fire Grill, recently opened by the Benjamin Steakhouse team, offers Dry Aged Bone-in New York Strip or Bone-in Ribeye for one (20 OZ).

        1. Go to Wolfgangs for lunch.