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Grantland recaps Worst Cooks in America

For those who may have enjoyed the recaps fo Rachel vs. Guy - they're now recaping Worst Cooks in America. (http://www.grantland.com/blog/hollywo...


"In choosing to watch this show I feel a bit like an addict, in that I am making decision after decision that disappoints and scares my loved ones."

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  1. Good, because this is another show I'm not watching this go round.

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    1. re: TrishUntrapped

      I really wish they had recaped The Taste. Could easily have been the most dynamic element of that show.

      I visit Grantland fairly regularly, and this move into covering Food Network programming is a delight.

    2. I think that show is hysterical

      1. funny recap!

        But this show actually makes me sad. I remember Bourdain making some comment in one of his books about Bobby Flay--that basically FN was treating him like a clown when he's actually a good chef. I think the same thing about Ann Burrell.

        Can't Ann have a show again where she actually COOKS?

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        1. re: coney with everything

          Unfortunately, it seems like this is what Bobby and Anne are choosing to do.

          I caught one episode of Bobby Flay's Dinner Battle, it was so embarrassingly dreadful. As Bobby dined on crap dish after crap dish, you could see he was less than enthused about the show - but still, it's his choice.

          All FN seems to do is give Anne plenty of opportunities to flash her wild hair, scream and yell. And she does.

          They're both smart cookies and talented chefs. To paraphrase Martha in Who's Afraid of Virgina Woolf, "Bobby and Anne, sad sad, sad."

          1. re: TrishUntrapped

            HA! an Edward Albee reference! she WOULD be a good nominee in a re-make for the 'Martha' role. maybe better than Wanda Sykes or Sandra Bernhard.

          2. re: coney with everything

            At this point, I have to assume that the choices made by Bobby, Ann, and other cooks to become a food personality is strictly related to the financial opportunities.

            While there will always be audiences of us on CH and in other places that bemoan the loss of quality cooking tv versus pure shlock - there's clealry an audience for this. Which inturn drives the overall money available for making these shows and the value these chefs get by being on them. Also - if these decisions are really just driven by the money one can make by running/owning "just" a great restaurant vs tv work, then it really makes me respect Nate Appleman's choice.

            Nate went from being a "hot chef" to being the culinary manager at Chipotle and working out of one of their test kitchens. In interviews, it's clear that he made the choice largely based on the hours he now works and the benefits (health insurance, pension, etc). We all have to make professional choices regarding our work/life/money balances - but what's going on in these dreadful tv shows really makes me appreciate someone going to work in a Chipotle kitchen.

          3. Bobby and Anne may be laughing all the way to the bank but they've hurt their reputations in the process. I don't take either one of them seriously anymore.

            1. O.M.F.G.! Thanks so much for that, cresyd. As someone who, for some reason or another, decided to watch this train wreck again (having only seen one of 3 (!!???) previous seasons), this was hilarious.

              Reminds me of the golden days on TWOP and its AI recaps.

              Oh, and a DOUBLE AMEN on this:

              "Alex Stein is a obnoxious bro who looks like he packs dip in his asshole. He speaks entirely in loud, nonsense slogans; he's like if a rhyming demon went to Texas A&M. "Let a playa play! I'm 99 Alex Stein and I'm on the ground all the time! I got the queso cuz I say so!" Every time he's on screen I hope for that type of scene in movies where a bus comes out of nowhere and erases him."

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              1. re: linguafood

                "Dr. Bob is a chiropractor, and his wife has cooked every meal for him his entire marriage. He definitely doesn't look like a guy with a sex dungeon. I am sure he has no captives at all at home. He serves Anne and Bobby a college-dorm chili made with a lock of hair from every single one of his daughter's friends, then he yells, "Shut your pig mouth!""

                1. re: mariacarmen

                  Too many quotables in that one. Can't wait for the next!

                2. re: linguafood

                  I really liked all the (terribly mean) quotes about Ann - "Maybe he's a bad cook and needs your help with it, but he definitely does not need your advice on how to look normal. You are a weird aunt who tells your 8-year-old niece "never trust a man," and when you've got enough white wine in you, which is often, you start talking about 9/11 and chemtrails."

                  If someone is looking for some vintage recaps, he started with the Rachel vs. Guy show. Basically, any cooking show that really puts the phrase "all about the food" into serious question.

                  1. re: linguafood

                    "Reminds me of the golden days on TWOP and its AI recaps."

                    Wow - finally another fan. I was addicted to these. I think the writer was Jacob - he still writes there, but not usually shows I watch.

                    1. re: NonnieMuss

                      Hmm. I'll hafta look for him. Those were pee-yer-pants hilarious.

                  2. Best read of the day--thanks! I choose to have only basic TV (it's bundled with my internet), so I can't watch this train wreck in person. But Max Silverstri's recap has let me see what I've missed!

                    1. Awesome that some of the contestants are commenting

                      1. The recaps are hysterical, but I'm going to defend the show overall. Unlike the complete train wreck that was Rachael vs Guy, this show at least attempts to impart some useful info in between the campy bullshit. You really can learn some basic cooking skills, like telling when your steak is done or chopping an onion. It can be painful, but it's not entirely useless.

                        1. Episode 2: http://www.grantland.com/blog/hollywo...

                          I do enjoy how the contestants appear to be taking a very interactive approach to the recaps.

                          1. OMFG, whatta trainwreck last night's show was.

                            Aadip trying to make a grilled cheese sandwich (never mind the theme was "creative burgers") by GRILLING THE CHEESE DIRECTLY ON THE GRIDDLE, then later licking his fingers repeatedly while tossing some sprouts together for the topping. Oy.

                            Carla continuing to fawn over the fuckability of poor Floppy Bay, but also raving about the awesomeness of.... wait for it.... "horse relish". Yep. Horse relish. Maybe she got confused, what with all horse meat being all over the news lately. The gods only know.

                            Alina putting cinnamon on her burger should've disqualified her, but no.

                            At least the obnoxious caricature of a frat boy, Alex "STFU already" Stein is gone. Can I have a hallelujah?

                            Grease fires everywhere.

                            Chet, the cooking PEZ dispenser, always looking like a deer in the headlight. Positively panicked, possibly of the camera or something.

                            I honestly can't wait for the new grantland recap.

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                            1. re: linguafood

                              Alex is the reason I kind of tried to watch again. He was the self-appointed villain on Glass House, a Big Brother-styled show on ABC last year. He was gone in the first vote and I wanted to see if he was still as obnoxious. Believe it or not he had toned his schtick down for this show. Oh well, so long Alex. Another notch on your tv gig resume.

                              1. re: ennuisans

                                Ostensibly, the point (a term I use loosely in reality TV) of this show is to represent the Chef by cooking a restaurant-quality meal for fellow Chefs at the end and Win A Lot Of Money. When one behaves like Alex, and is (or pretends to be) as obtuse as Carla or whomever confused zucchini for cucumber, how does he/she ever expect to be a finalist? Manipulation in the elimination of contestants is always at play, but this show wins the egregious award for keeping the silliest of people.

                              2. Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for the link.