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Aji amarillo around these parts? (Westside)

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Planning my meals for the week and just received a request for chicken causas.

In my previous experience cooking the dish, I believe I substituted cayenne pepper (dried) for the aji amarillo. Perfectly acceptable, but I'm curious to work with the pepper.

Does anyone know where I can get aji amarillo peppers or paste near Westwood?


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    1. Here is a previous thread that may prove helpful to you in your search: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/328928 If you do find it please update your thread with where and what you got, and pricing too if you can. Thanks.

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        Thanks! Didn't see that thread in preliminary search. I'll keep searching. Unfortunately, none of these stores are near Westwood.

      2. Whole Foods sometimes stocks the aji amarillo paste.