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Feb 18, 2013 09:54 PM

ISO: good fresh soft tofu

where can i buy really good fresh tofu (the soft kind, but not silken) for serving raw & cold, japanese style? i don't mean to eat at a restaurant, but to take home and prepare there.

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  1. Galleria always has excellent fresh tofu.

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    1. re: Full tummy

      +1 Galleria! It would be perfect for serving raw and cold (or cooked). It comes in small (1 block) or large (2 blocks).

        1. re: helenhelen

          The one I go to is on York Mills, just west of Don Mills. You can't see it from the street because it's behind the plaza facing York Mills (the one with Menchies, Five Guys, ...

          Best way to get there is to turn onto Upjohn Street and enter near the back of the plaza!

          There's also another Galleria located on the NW corner of Yonge and Steeles. I'm not sure if they make fresh tofu there. Maybe someone else can chime in on this.

          1. re: sumashi

            damn, sanko (closer to me) ran out and said their tofu supplier's machine is broken and they are waiting for parts from japan.. so they won't have any for at least another week.

            i need it for tomorrow!

            will trek to galleria. is it this stuff? (i.e. how will i know which tofu it is, as i imagine they might have a selection)

            i want the nice fresh, soft stuff for eating raw...

            1. re: helenhelen

              Fong on Foods on Kensington is a major tofu supplier.

              1. re: helenhelen

                I've tried the fresh tofu from Galleria, but if memory serves me correctly, the tofu shop only has firm tofu, not soft. However, I haven't bought fresh tofu from Galleria since the summer.

                1. re: lsk

                  For me, I wouldn't call it firm, maybe medium firm. Galleria sells the tofu in their food section w some hot sauce to eat raw though so it seems to be like what HelenHelen wants to do with it and if I recall correctly it seems to be the same tofu. It definitely isn't silken.

                  I also spotted a plastic tub of "flowering tofu" at Galleria which I've never tried.

                  1. re: lsk

                    yes, i went there and they only had the firmer stuff. it was def good tofu but not really as good to eat raw. i bought some though and fried it. :)

                    i was looking for the soft stuff that the japanese serve raw with just a bit of soy sauce and green onion.

        2. go to sanko Helen!
          They sell by the pc in the back room.

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          1. re: chocabot

            thank you! this is not too far from me :)
            it's good tofu?

          2. We get ours at T & T usually on Cherry Street. Soft but hangs together while making soup.

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            1. re: Herne

              thanks! i love T&T.. always walk out with way more items than i initially go in for. :)

              1. re: Breadcrumbs

                Does Ying make soft tofu now? I remember them only making firm, smoked and various marinated/flavoured kinds.

              2. Almost any oriental grocery will have it