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Feb 18, 2013 08:38 PM

Raw butter at room/warm temperatures

Hi all,

I bought some raw butter in France yesterday, and then took it on a plane the following day. It was probably in my bag for around 16 hours; at various points it got a little warm (the butter was definitely soft). I butter in the fridge as soon as I got home. What do you guys think -- still safe to eat?


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  1. I can't imagine any real problem.
    How does it smell and taste?

      1. I grew up with butter on the counter...never Butter Bells and etc....never got sick and still do it today. Eat away.

        1. lots of folks in France leave it sitting on the counter, especially in the wintertime.

          It will be fine, especially if it's salted -- and should it begin to go off, it will smell like fish.

          1. if it has started to go rancid you will taste it right away.

            growing up in the San Francisco area butter keepers in the fridge were where you kept flashlight batteries. Once a stick of butter was opened, itwas kept on a shelf in the pantry. Salted butter takes much longer to turn bad, but its a taste thing, probably not gonna make you sick even then.