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Apr 2, 2006 03:53 PM

best food in Eureka, CA

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Please give recommendations of great restaurants in Eureka, California. Doesn't have to be fancy, but especially good food. Thanks for the advice!

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  1. I've read good things about Hurricane Kate's in old town on this board, but have yet to try. It's been a long time since I went, but Restaurant 301 in the Hotel Carter was wonderful for a splurge meal.

    If you search for "Eureka" or "Arcata" using Ctrl-F, then you'll find some good threads from the last couple of years. Please report back!

    1. CIN CIN
      Incredible awesome Italian food and wine bar

      1. We ate at Hurricane Kate's and found it creative but not perfect.
        The appetizer of bacon wrapped scallops and chicken livers was very well prepared, the pizzas were good, the chicken tikka was AWFUL! Don't even get me started on their version of naan!
        The waitress was a bit attitudinal and cranky. I wish I had the opportunity to read this board before choosing my restaurants in Eureka. Not a bad experience, just order wisely!

        1. If you're in Eureka, you have to check out all the local delights at the Humboldt Bay Tourism Center. There are several varieties of incredibly fresh oysters, beers, wines, cheeses, and chocolates - plus great advice for the rest of your stay in the area. A fabulous first stop and a place you'll want to come back to again and again.

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            I can see the tail end of an interesting looking beer in your photo. Was it a brew from Lost Coast? They make terrific beers, and that may have been their Tangerine Wheat...

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              Great spot! That's actually the Eel River Blond, but just outside the frame is a Tangerine Wheat. Both terrific, as you say.